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First post on here... been lurking for a very long time and decided it would be a good time to start tracking my goals publicly. My best lifts are Bench: 225 for 10 Squat: 315 for 6 and Deadlift: 325 for 8. I was formerly (2 years ago) active duty army, and have been actively bulking and trying to get strong ever since I was discharged.

I have been running 531 off an on for about a year with good results and I just started a new cycle. My goals for this year is to finally compete in a powerlifting meet and total 1100+

I am in the first phase of the juggernaut method currently and liking the change so far will post the workout tonight.


had more in me but set my goal at 16

kb lunge ss with kb front squat 50lbs 3x10
leg ext. 120 3x15
hams. curl 90 3x10

conditioning: 12 incline treadmill sprints 15sec on 45 off on incline of 10 speed of 12

felt like complete afterwards but i think i might live to see another day will post vids whenever i get to some weights worth recording


Where in Arkansas?

PM me if you dont want to say on here.

Youre talkin bout doin a first meet, there will be a SPF meet july 30th in Rogers. It will be my first as well.


I'm the juggernaut bitch.


I lol'd
I am now training for and SPF meet on july 30th very excited due to the fact that it will be my first one! I received some excellent advice on how to approach it so I am ready to go. One thing i will do is try to not eat like shit for the next couple of months so i can make the 198lbs class (currently at 205) not that much to drop so shouldn't really even have to try.


Hey man I just started TJM on Monday and our numbers seem pretty similar. I'm not used to the volume at all, but the change definitely seems good.


Yeah I was liking it, but I am gonna run 531 for this meet then go back to TJM after.


531 MP 3x5 week


1 arm press 50lb 5x8

chinup 10xBW 3x5 BW 35

dip 10xBW 2x8 BW 25

BB curl 1x8 95 1x4 105 1x2 110 then burnout with bar

21's for shoulders with 20's

Felt pretty awesome considering I did this on just a protein shake and preworkout supp. Now onto eating myself into oblivion and enjoying the weekend.


531 deadlift 5 week

305x11 Could have gotten more easily but had 11 in my head

GM 4x10 @95

BO Row 4x10 135,145,155,165

leg curls 4x12 @55

toes to bar 4x8 sucked...

Then cooled down with a lax paced 1 mile run, felt really strong today hopefully the video will upload. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6flqmH4ozI


Bench 5 week

Bench 145 5x10
ss with elevated pushups 5x10

db row 50 3x20

50 pullups

tri ext 50 3x10 ss band face pulls 3x10

Excited just ordered a new inzer belt and singlet. However, I didn't feel well doing this workout


chicken wrap? why so healthy!?


To cancel out the burger and fries lol


squat 5 week


squat 4x10 155

good morning 4x10 105

200 sit-ups

conditioning will be tomorrow... my squat sucks I think its half due to my form half to me being weak. Oh well another day down.


Answered your question in my log, if you have anymore, feel free to ask


Catfish, frog legs, car pushes, and sprints,an Arkansas friday night!


Well played


MP 3 week

pullups 50xbw

dips 50xbw

situps 50

ran a mile lax pace


That place is delicious, been ages since Ive been there. Man go a few pages back in my log, I got a picture of some "powerbulkers" at a KFC in Jackson. Disturbing.


deadlift 3 week
320x9 felt pretty easy video to come

bo row 4x10 145,155,165,175

good morning 4x10 95 serious lower back pump

leg curls 4x12 80

15 incline sprints 15 on 45 off very shitty

Overall a good day not gonna be able to lift this weekend so trying to squeeze in as much as I can.