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Future of the Sport

Non-profit MMA club

MMA has the stigma among other fight sports that its for the middle class white kid who can afford the price rates at various MMA schools. The same MMA schools that have juicebars and shit on the inside.

Imo, things like this will actually increase the available talent pool. I hope that one day I can give back some kind of way like this…

That’s amazing…although making money in of itself isn’t bad it’s important to always give back. With MMA going mainstream all combat arts…boxing,grappling,MMA even traditional martial arts…can’t lose sight that the roots of all Budo lie in the sharing of knowledge and time with the new generation with very little concern for profit.

Schools like this need to be created as a positive viable option for our youth…not $500 initiation fee’s plus another $250 a month to train…

Yea i’m all for making money and i understand that in the larger scheme of things for most people MMA will just be a hobby. And its a pretty cheap hobby compared to other things


So all in all 250 a month isn’t THAT much.

But for an at risk youth back in the day the boxing gym was always a viable option, because it was pretty cheap, or if you helped clean up the place you could still train.