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Future of Schools


Hey guys, currently im working on a project on the future if schools, sponsored by microsoft, well we have to give ideas on how can we evolutionize or revolutionize our schools, through technology or not.

Our last project was a school encyclopedia, which connected to all the schools in the country and that would be vocally commanded, well this year I was thinking of using photovoltaic cells to cut the schools energy consumption to zero, but my teachers seem recluctant if this idea, can you give me ani idea, having more experience and knowing how diferent schools operate?


University of Manchester uses that kind of technology already in some of their buildings: http://www.energy.manchester.ac.uk/newsandevents/zeroenergy/


Wolves. Entire packs of them, it will keep schools from becoming over-crowded, thus saving money.


Sponsored by Microsoft?

Think of ways to integrate Kinect into schools. Is there a prize or something?


^^Something along these lines. Anything that fosters engagement would be accepted with open arms by teachers, a generally pretty skeptical community.


Yeah but my teachers are skeptical bout the use of kinect im trying to think of smth creativee :@


Well what's the brief?


Well project smth nvr tried before which would enhance schools and the learning experience , it should be intracurricular and include a lot of subjects in the making, we win microsoft creates it and puts it in our school and we go to the european level challange


The first and best step in improving and prolonging public schools is to de-unionize them.

No technology needed except the stroke of a pen.




Dude to improve our schooling system we just need that officials dont change the grading system in the middle of the fucking hear and stop experimentinggg.. but yeah the fuckrs want smth tech and want smth creatable without putting bitches behind a chair in any bad posite


So you are the one who programs Microsoft spell checker? Figures.


Im checking the site u posted right now, my net died so im using my iphone and my spelling sucks balls from that plus the gprs isnt exactly fast :S


So convince them.

With the SDK coming out soon to make it with Windows, it's got huge potential.


Ok im going to create a model with every class having a kinect and also adding the idea of computer programing to learn maths although the lack of flash in my iphone didnt let me watch the video, any other ideas, ? Also my teacher sugggested a school radio so i modified that into a diwnloadable pannel for pc iphone etc which helps students with subjects classes etc,


Basically, if Microsoft is sponsoring this whole thing, find a way to integrate their hardware and software in a way that will benefit both them and your school.

Whether that's Kinect (which was the first thing that came to mind, but probably the best avenue to pursue) or something else they make.

Also, you wouldn't need it in every class. For example, you could setup a fairly large display behind a glass wall so that no one could damage it, and then have some kind of maths or science games that are made for the platform. Even better if those games already exist and just have to be made to suite the Kinect type of interface. Kids could play against eachother and have competitions, etc. which makes it interactive, innovative, teaches them something and gives Microsoft good publicity.


Yeahhh good idea , math competitions and whatnot, im going to elaborate it a bit, after i finish studying for my 3 exams tmr :@


Something not entirely oringinal but an Ipad like device on the desk top that can be manipulated by the student. Teacher can load assignments, powerpoints, notes, vids, etc. onto the device for student to view. Could make learning more interactive might increase students interest, cut down on paper usage. Exams, assignments get sent directly to teachers. Students can access program from home to complete assignments.

I believe this is the future of learning.

To bad we can't invent something to make them care about their education and create some personal responsibility.


I know even how to make touchscreens on low budget using infrared lights but i hope my teachers dont think im doing smth sci fiction :cry:


Getting the government OUT of controlling the schools would be a sure-fire way to improve schools. For an example of how government has perfectly fucked up schools look at the Detroit Public Schools.