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Future of Healthcare in America?


"Meanwhile, ?health tourists? are costing the NHS £2 billion a year, and diseases such as TB and AIDS are on the increase as a result of immigration.

British doctors and nurses are unable to find work in the NHS because we are importing medical staff (often with questionable qualifications) from the Third World.

Sixty percent of NHS staff are bureaucrats, and there are now more managers in the NHS than beds ? with many earning more than £100,000 per year.

The contracting out of cleaning (often to contractors employing illegal immigrants) has resulted in collapsing standards of cleanliness, with around 20,000 patients a year dying of hospital-acquired infections."


Is THIS what BHO wants for us?




Ron Paul had an interesting suggestion. If you want to see what gov't run health care will look like, take a look at how the VA hospitals care for our most heroic citizens.

Do you think we can expect better or worse?

Who is responsible for the HMO? How is that working out? Are they responsible for lower or higher healthcare costs?


it's like the more it sucks..the better it is?


Another factor of interest: since the number of doctors and nurses is finite and can't change very rapidly, then expanded health care will mean many more people using the same number of doctors and nurses. Much longer wait times (see Canada) and stressed out medical staff.

No one wants to see poor people go w/o healthcare though, so that's a true dilemma.

Then, brilliant people usually shy away from fields where a seedy little government bureaucrat will be giving them orders. Just like public school teaching, public health care will devolve into a competition of incompetents.


I think some one should do a major education series on how peoples habits in the grocery store and the kitchen table are affecting their health, The media soft pedals the effects on human health , by saying it is as simple as portion control, that is right but it is just a small portion of what is right. If we did away with all simple carbs (with the exception of what comes in beer:) the world would lose weight and health care costs would plummet.


You do know the American food pyramid, right?


I think the top and bottom of the pyramid should be eliminated, no grains and no snacks and you need more fat than sparingly , I tried to cut and paste the pyramid into the conversation


That happened a long time ago. The medical community is already so ideologically fucked up it's not even safe to go to the doctor anymore.


What I am trying to say is this:

If you have government health education, lobbyists would be all over it and ruin it.


We agree , but this is what Obama says he will change, lets see, it is kind of like the word organic was hijacked by lawyers