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Future of America


The picture says it all


i have no problem with skateboarders. its those kids with legs smaller than my forearms and pants tighter than a condom i worry about.


We looked like jackasses too when we were kids.

Most of them will grow up to be good people.


Agreed. Skaters are simply the morphed "head bangers" of the 80's...only with something to do.


Hell yeah, Coach Davies is a skater and he's one of the most stand up, personable people I've come across.



Dude tell me about it, I came of age in the late 80's early 90's when it was cool to peg your pants and I rocked that look for the longest!!!



Pegged pants.....ahh the day. Did you roll peg or use a safety-pin?
We still had skaters back then AND headbangers. The skaters did not morph. The headbangers/rockers kind of died out as far as I can see. When I was their age we had

  1. Jocks (that was me)
  2. Stoner/Rocker/long hairs
  3. Skaters
  4. Punk Rockers
  5. Nerds/Geeks/Dorks
  6. Preppies

Often kids were a combo of both. I ended up a Prep/Jock. I started off as a Rocker/Stoner though.

I hated skaters.


I'd far rather see the kids out skateboarding and being active than sitting on their asses staring at a monitor and eating twinkies for 12 hours at a time.


I was a long-hair nerd. Come to think of it, I still am!


Yeah we had most of those, not many skaters in rural Michigan though...

I roll pegged dude, the safety pins was for the chicks.

I guess if I were to judge my stereotype back then it would have been "Jock/Hunter/Fisherman"

That's all I cared about anyway.


Ahhh...white suburbia. Some things haven't changed.

This picture pretty much defiles the memory of the skateboarding counterculture to which it was born.


I know the picture can look bad, but I don't think it says much. My real problem with American youth is they're too involed with the pop culture. They can't just take it for what is worth, which is entertainment, but they try to live it. Youth's minds are more and more twisted into TV/Movie/Music think. Rather than thinking things in realistic terms, it seems more and more youth are drawing conclusions and act based on what they saw in TV, movies or hear in music. It seems like it's all about the image before anything else.


Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll that is how I Grew up . They will be fine .


You gotta stop taking everything so seriously.