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Future Music

It seems to be a common belief that much of the current crop of new music isn’t going anywhere. Five years ago I would have agreed. Short of a few single hits from random artists, much of Hip Hop, Alternative, Rock and Pop music left me generally unimpressed.

My opinion on that has changed to a large degree…because John Legend can sing, write and play a piano. Musiq seems to catch any girl’s ear that hears him. Anthony Hamilton sounds like someone transplanted him from the 60’s, and Timbaland seems to create hits for artists without even trying.

What I want to know is what NEW music others have heard that makes them seem hopeful for the future of whatever genre they are into. I would also like to know what other groups out there have a sound like Saliva, Linkin Park or even Breaking Benjamin.

Just for those into it, Elton John’s team up with Timbaland for “Two Man Show” was the first time (as far as new music) I really “felt” the way someone played a piano in a long time…and I’m a Ray Charles fan. Robin Thicke has to be one of the most talented artists in R&B since Maxwell. “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva put me onto them as a group, and people can make fun of Justin Timberlake all they want to…but the guy can sing.

You should check out a band called Seether. They’ve had a couple hits on the radio, but they’ve got some other very good songs as well. One of my favorite songs by them is “The Gift” check that one out.

Coming from a Metal/Rock standpoint I agree that in recent years things looked a little barren. However bands like Linkin Park who do rock/hip hop hybrid WELL and guys like Trivium who blend old school riffs & shredding with a modern approach and attitude will play a big part in the genres future.

Another band worth checking out are Enter Shikari who are mixing Metal and Dance music but pulling it of pretty well. Also youve got dudes like Hatebreed and Arch Enemy who are keeping it hardcore.

Things go in cycles; we’ve had a punk revival and currently the faster more technical metal is enjoying a comeback. Music is all about attitude, movement and emotion. If artists arent producing these things then they’ll soon fade away.

Also check out Three Days Grace, they are a pretty good newer band as well.

[quote]StevenF wrote:
You should check out a band called Seether. They’ve had a couple hits on the radio, but they’ve got some other very good songs as well. One of my favorite songs by them is “The Gift” check that one out. [/quote]

Seether were originally called “Saron Gas” and a South African band, but still quality and one of the best export rock bands from SA.

Alond with Three Days Grace, Finger Eleven is another good band to check out of a similar style. Silverchair’s new album, although probably not to everyones taste, is excellent. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for a long time and their music style just keeps evolving when you compare to where they started.

Arctic Monkeys & Bloc Party, UK bands, have just released new albums - don’t know if anyone would have heard of them in the US but definitely worth checking out…

I’m not usually one to follow too much music which gets a lot of radio play (read:POP), because most of it, in my opinion, is crap. That being said, JT’s new album is a actually half decent, though I’d probably never spend money on it, I won’t run and kick my radio in when I hear it. Timbalands new album is really good, they variety of artists on there is interesting, I must say.

I think that Rock is still stuck in the “it all sucks” mode. I was much more optimistic about it 5-6 years ago. Now everyone sounds the same.

There is no really original folks out there except for maybe the guys going for the retro sound like Buck Cherry, Silvertide, Jet, and a new group called Black Stone Cherry.

I don’t really care for Jet, or Buck Cherry - but they are at least trying to move the genre somewhere.

Black Stone Cherry is the one group that I will listen to all day.

hat’s not to say the old groups like Godsmack, Disturbed, aetc. all suck - they are pretty good, but they aren’t introducing anything new.

Most of the groups mentioned aren’t exactly “new,” and this one isn’t an exception, but I rather like Kenna. It’s a different type of music altogether and it took some getting used to, but I really enjoy it now. Malcolm Gladwell talked about him in “Blink” for those that have read it.

For those of you who in the states who might not know these guys; UK Rock mainly,

Artic Monkeys
The Kooks
Hot Chip (electro funk/rock)

there’s a european guy, interesting mix of stuff called Mika…

Other than that, Totally agree with the whole John Legend thing. I’m seeing him in concert in July. Can’t wait…

It’s called getting old, my parents told me all the music I used to listen to wasn’t real music. Now I’m telling kids the same thing, well until recently, I find if I don’t say that then they don’t know my age.

Dream Theater… :wink:

All i have to say.

the uk indie scene is getting stagnent, lots of people copying each other and wearing / doing the same thing. each band tends to have one or two hit tunes which isn’t to bad as the hits seem to be accessable.

bands of note:
dirty pretty things, the kooks, artic monkeys, the killers, white stripes

i’m really into dubstep and the newer more mature sounds of breakcore that has been evolving in recent years.

dubstep is a mix of garage / slowed down jungle beats with big drawn out dubby basslines.

i also listen to a lot of drum n bass but to be honest its now mainly kiddy music for the dancefloors being made although there are people like calibre, and marcus intalex who are keeping it alive for me and pushing the deep styles.

although quite old now i take it you’ve heard drowning pools first self titled album prof X? if you like linken you’ll love it.

Mudvayne has been my favorite since they released their last cd.


Mastodon is one of the only metal bands I can think of that has done something different in the scene today-themed albums. Plus, they put on the best live show I have ever been to.


If your not up on it already check out some of the artists on that label. The website has a itunes style store where you can hear clips. Not all their artists are great, but there are 4 albums that are absolute must have’s for hip hop fans IMO. Check out anything by:

Mr. Lif
Cannibal Ox

listening to them, and EL P in particular actually gave me faith in music again.

Try the album ‘the good the bad and the queen’. It’s a collaboration of Tony Allen of afrobeat fame, damon albarn from blur, simon tong from the verve and paul simonon from the clash. The band don’t have a name, but are refered to by the albums name.

The album is a real corker, a sort of musical reportage with hints of the small faces and the kinks. It gets better and better with each play.

Also Mark Ronson’s new album is worth a punt. It’s an album re-working other peoples songs and has a real hip/hop, soul, motown,funk sound to it.
listen to it for free here


Here are some modern bands that I think have some talent and staying power, that are similar in style to Linkin Park/Saliva/Breaking Benjamin.

Papa Roach
3 Doors Down

I lean towards music heavier than this, but that’s just me. If you haven’t heard the girl from Evanescence sing, you are missing something. She’s got pipes.

wolfmother rocks, plain and simple.

Under the Influence of Giants have a damn good album.

Lily Allen has a nice soft on the ears sound, the British accent works for her too.

Mika has some good stuff, some I dislike immensely.

Ditto for Peter, Bjorn and John.

All I got for now.

[quote]swissrugby67 wrote:
Artic Monkeys
The Kooks
Hot Chip (electro funk/rock)


Good stuff and might I add…

TV on the Radio
Baby Shambles
Dr. Dog
Black Keys*

these are not all necessarily “new” just probably not as in the mainstream.

[quote]Ren wrote:
wolfmother rocks, plain and simple.

Mika I dislike immensely.


Agreed & agreed.

[quote]Professor X wrote:
and people can make fun of Justin Timberlake all they want to…but the guy can sing.[/quote]

Probably one of the most soulful young voices to be heard in a very long time–not just that, he’s an actual talented musician too.