future military training?

how long do you think it’ll be before the military adopts weight training and plyos/sprints into boot camp?
there tryin to churn out fightin machines, and what beteer way than focusing on building functional explosive power in conjunction with combat training

At their current rate of progress, 20-30 years.

I’d more likely say 50-100. Some of this type of training happens on the personal and squad level. I know that my guys weight train :wink:

well, my boy is [was] a ranger and he said they made him lift. i misunderstood and asked"in boot camp" and he cleared things up for me.
which got me to thinking about the origin of this post. he started to go on how the government funds all kind of studies, so they’d probably find how beneficial that type of training is pretty quickly.
to which i replied “does the government get on anything quickly?”
he had no comeback.
heres to wishful thinking
peace, flash