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Future Feminist Leader of the World


Only 5 years old and this already?


Future sandwich-maker of the world.


Why cant she just rely on a man as the sole economic support system without developing the desire or ability to provide for herself like all the other good girls?


Didn't you hear? Men secretly voted to let women think they have rights and are allowed to dream big for the next decade or so. It will only make the look on their smug, PMSing faces greater when we collectively tell them to get back into the kitchen via legal jiu jitsu.


Or this




Clearly regurgitated; I bet after the camera stopped rolling she was picking her nose, playing with dolls, crying, needing help reaching her juice on the counter, etc. I have no problem with that line of thinking, but come on, she is freaking 5. Why in the hell are you talking to your child about that already. I am sure the 5 year old boys in her class are dying to pop the question.......


not until she has a job




Does a lemonade stand count?


Precocious children have always given me the creeps. Some folks find it cute, I find them obnoxious, they can't help it I suppose.

I get the feeling she sits at the top of the stairs listening to her parents argue then parrots what she hears like what DK44 mentioned.

I pity the poor fuck who marrys her...in the third grade from the looks of it lol.


Donr be ridiculous, she cant be a stripper until she is at least 13.


You guys must be old as fuck.

My 19 year old roommate is currently in serious search of a sugar mama.

Can you imagine a woman who pays for her own drink and still blows your dick? Earth shatter, I know.


That has what to do with a 5 year old talking shit about things she knows nothing about?


And before anyone jumps in with more bullshit, I agree that everyone should strive to become self sufficient. We have way to many leeches in society as is, but lets get real, a 5 year old has no idea what any of this means.


"If he says I will not come back to you, fine I'll just find a different man!"

lol who taught her this stuff? Doesn't she know boys are gross and have teh cooties!?


I have a friend who literally collects cash from various women who willingly give him money in exchange for his mere presence in their life. So not kidding. He got like 6 stacks not long ago from one poor broad. He calls it "collecting my money from my bitches" or something along those lines.


WHAT THE FUCK?!?! Where?! How?!


Precocious or not, you gotta admit she's right.
This girl will not likely take your son for alimony and child support.
In the long run, it's best you start teaching your boys how to make their own sammiches.


Aw, that's kind of sweet.

For what it's worth, dudes, some little girls think about "when I get married" LONG before they'd even look at the mean smelly boys in grade school. When I was nine I decided my future husband was named Ted and looked just like Paul McCartney but was a nuclear physicist.