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Future Cycle: Test E 300mg, Tren A 100mg

Hey guys,

New to forums, this is going to be my second cycle first was pretty simple Test E 250mg once a week for 10 weeks running a log for the second, looking for some feedback, expertise, wisdom & knowledge from others. Thank you!

2nd Cycle
Week 1-10 Test E 300mg 1x Week
Week 1-10 Tren A 100mg EOD <<<< Should I lower to 50mg EOD at first?
Week 1-10 Aromasin 10m (When Needed)
Week 11-12 Break
Week 13-16 Tamox 20mg ED
Week 13-16 Torem 120mg/60mg ED (120mg First two weeks of PCT 60mg last two weeks)

Thank you guys for checking it out!

Doses seem low… What sort of results did you get with your first cycle?

Gained 13 Pounds, was really out of shape before cycle diet was crap noticed I needed a change. Gym/Gear/Diet/ I’m happy with the results but I do believe I could’ve went harder. Trained 5 days a week for an hour to an hour n a half. Do you think the dosage on both are low? I’ve read and know people who do 250mg Test E twice a week and Tren A 100mg ED. I looked at that amount and thought it would be too much for a 2nd cycle.