Future Books by Dr. Darden

Hi Ellington,
Long time fan of your work since I got your New HIT book many years ago. The Hudlow transformation really inspired me! I’ve kept up with your work and even purchased several of your older books. Bigger Muslces in 42 Days is one of my favorites you have done structure wise. Any future plans to do a book just about muscle building and not fat loss in the near future? Care to share what you’re working on at the moment we can look forward to?


I have several eBooks I’m working on. I’m hoping to rock a few worlds with them. More soon.


do we have a more specific release date for backloading book? happy new year everyone! All the best!

A new book on hot hips would intrigue!

Buttocks are in!


Dr. Darden already did one. Or did you already know that and are making a double meaning joke?

A NEW book!

It is January. Any word on release date for “backloading” book? Please and Thanks! :slight_smile:

The book I’m completing now is 30-10-30. Look for it before the end of January.


Very cool. Thanks so much for reply.

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Dr Darden,

Do you have any book/e-book in the making? It would be much interesting to read more about a full body program/adaptation on Next.

No, nothing new. But John Wood is organizing a bunch of my older writings in an Ellington Darden Archive. He now has 118 articles.

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And he has done a fantastic job…the archives are an excellent source of information…highly recommended

Will this include the Upside Down Bodybuilding stuff with Hudlow? That section of the New HIT was probably my favorite of everything I have ever seen done in HIT since it walked through an entire program and included detailed results of a trainee.

For some reason I can’t sign up to the archives. Are there any limitations coupled to EU (Sweden)?

Is there some place to sign up to see these archives yet?

Yeah, it’s hosted by John Wood. Cant find my emails, but I signed up the first day. Look on his old time strength page maybe?

Is this a site away from T Nation ?


I just tried to sign up, and got a message that I wasn’t allowed to enroll at this time. I’m in the US

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Yes. By searching “John Woods Ellington Darden archives” I found a Twitter post with a link (see below). But it didn’t work for me.


Thanks I’ll give that a try!