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Fury vs. Wilder

I know there are some boxing guys here. Or at least there was a one point. Lets get some discussion going on this. I am far from an expert but this should be an exciting fight. Opinions?

Could go either way really. I think Fury decisions him, but wilder could also tko or K.O. Fury as well. One thing for sure is I love the build up for this fight!!!

All I saw was a sit down face to face between the two of them. It was a fucking cheese fest man so lame. I like a little bit of what Fury said. He should have had Connor Mcgregor write him some lines.

Deontay was outright embarrassing.

None the less its an exciting match up.

I agree Fury decisions him. If he can bring the same guy who beat Klitchsko.

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Lol yeah Wilder is cringeworthy lol especially him yelling “bronze bomber” out randomly lol.

FUCKING VEGAS!! …does it again! Boxing’s become a joke.

Also how the hell did he get up in the final round?! No other man on earth is getting up from that shot.

Flight on a neutral country and Fury is new WBC champ. That said, Wilder shown is better than many folks thought. Heavyweight scene truly back now. Still think AJ would beat both, 2019 may confirm that.