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Fury Road

JUST in from Variety:

"Mel Gibson will earn almost $25million to return to the Mad Max franchise for fourth time. The $104 million project, called "Fury Road," will start shooting in Australia next May. George Miller, who directed and co-wrote the first three films, will direct "Fury Road" from a script he has been crafting for the past three years, the paper said. "

George Miller, directing a film that has taken him three years to pen? I'm interested. Oh, and did most of you know that Mr. Miller is the one behind the "Babe" movies? You know, the ones about "that" pig (and I love those movies, too).


Patricia, I think that is a strange career move. Did you like the originals? I have watched portions of them 75 times late at night on the USA channel. Needless to say, I could never get into them.
Ike, stop playing with the keyboard. I shudder to inquire what “woot” is supposed to mean.

I agree, Eggnog. I haven’t been all that thrilled with Mr. Gibson for the last ten years. Sure, he was great and gritty in Payback, but that’s about it. However, I personally love The Road Warrior and the only good thing in Thunderdome was Tina Turner (thought the kiddies were annoying).

I think the creme de la creme of Gibson's acting has been in The Year of Living of Dangerously (how I ADORE this movie), Gallipoli, Mad Max (I kinda like it), The Road Warrior, Lethal Weapon (first one, only), Tequila Sunrise and The River. I do know this: he's gonna have to get into serious shape as Max. Lately, Mel has been beginning to facially resemble a Bassett Hound. Age has not done him any service...

You could never get into the original Mad Max?!!?! Wow, that is one of my all time favorites, and THE classic of Australian cinema. Rent it and watch it through, it’s at least worth that!

They are saying that Mel is getting paid $25 million to make this one. Good God I’m in the wrong business.

Woot! has no bounds nor accurate means of measure.