Fury or F6 and Advice on Size?

Hi there. 

I’m planning to compete equipped this year, so I’m gonna buy some stuff.

Now I am not sure wether to buy a Fury which is made for flat benchers or an F6 which is for “arched” benchers.
I use a slight arch, but I am nut sure if it is strong enough to use a F6.
here’s a video of me benching, so hope you could give me an advice.

What size would you think is good for me?
I am almost 65" tall, and weigh 145lbs.
my arms ar 14,2" and my chest relaxed 38,2" and 40" with flared lats.
best bench is 205lbs and 220lbs with a old and too big Inzer HD(size 40, fit’s very loose)

For a suit I would pick a Titan Centurion.
I don’t know which measurements are Important.
my best squat is 275.

Thank you for your help

I would suggest a Fury and get their off-the-shelf “training” or “meet” fit. Their sizing is pretty dead-on.