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Furture Second Cycle


First of all, This is why off in the future since I'm currently right in the middle of my first cycle. The results from my first cycle may influence my decisions as to when and what to cycle but I like to get a head start and opinions from the vets around here. If all goes well with the current cycle I'd like to hit another mass cycle.


1-10 Deca 300mg/week (150mg/E3D)
1-12 Test E 500mg/week (250mg/E3D)
1-12 Adex 0.5mg/EOD 13 0.25/EOD




I think I'm going to get flamed for running deca for only 10 weeks (and possible a low dose). There seems to anecdotal evidence from a number of posters suggests 10 weeks can work.

5:3 seems bordering on unsafe. How do people feel about 2:1 by adding another 100mg of test.

The 19-nors scare the shit out of me and so does progestin. Caber would seem a necessity. Thoughts?

Drol kickstart?

Many thanks as always


the deca dose is a bit on the higher end, not saying its to high, just dont think that your taking a low dose in ratio to your test. It is also typical to stop deca two weeks before you stop test.

good cycle, i might consider throwing in a kickstart and dropping the deca to 200mg/w, but i never read your first cycle log.


how about throwing in some prop as your kickstart...first 4 weeks or so. and 5:3 seems fine to me. I hear close friends say certain deca they can run at lower doses and obtain equal or better gains. And stopping deca at week 10 and extending test to 12 is just fine IMO



I don't see how that would be a problem so long as I can source it. I actually considered running prop through the whole cycle.


Good advice, my first cycle is still ongoing (there's a thread about), it's going really well apart from the bloat from Test E. I don't want to make the mistake in my 2nd only cycle by taking my total dosage up to and over a gram.

I ran a dbol kickstart this time for 4 weeks. I've been off it 2 weeks and whilst I thought it was awesome at the time, comparing it to how Test E feels right now I'm not sure if I'd run it again but opt for a shorter ester.

Of course my other option is Tren (Ace more than likely). As said before, the results of this cycle will more than likely influence which I use.


save the tren for future endeavors IMO, not you 2nd cycle. some will say might as well go for it but to each there own


im backing game on this one, i hear tren is great, but in later more advanced cycles. i would think youll like it more if you wait.


Yeah what I certainly don't want to do is play all my cards too early. In that, deca would be ok for a 2nd cycle? Thanks guys.

I actually considered running a shorter test ester for 8-10 weeks. I'm really enjoying Test E apart from some nice bloat. It is my first cycle and people often say the first is the best, but damn, my numbers are flying up now where are plateau'd before.

Regarding ancillaries, any thought on letro over adex when deca is involved?


I'm considering cycles without the 19-nors too. I want to continue making slow body comp changes like I'm at now with the my first cycle (still around 14/15% body fat though), how does this sounds:

Goal: First to drop fat, secondly to make some quality LBM gains.

8 weeks:

Test Prop 150mg/EOD
Masteron 100mg/EOD

Possibly Winny.

I'm guessing some people are going to say throw Tren-A into the mix here.


that would work ya but with it just being your 2nd cycle i would still stick with long estered compounds you could run say 500mg/wk test E 12 wks with a drol/winny compound say weeks 3-7 at 100/50 per day. or 12 weeks test E 500/wk with a 4 week kickstart of prop then finish with 4 weeks of winny at the end,

there are endless combos in the end its gonna come down to how long you wanna run and how much you wanna pin. you can cut or bulk on either test dont let anyone tell you otherwise


ALERT noob question time.

Why would it be preferable to keep the longer esters in for beginner cycles?

I've also considered Eq at the recommendation from a friend; but he was specific about it being Ganabol.

I have no issues with pinning anymore but I do have to keep it somewhat on the DL so, in that respect, less may be preferable.


that was one of the main reasons just because of the pinning and you need less gear on hand also the regimen as far as when you need to inject is less strict.


I am sensitive to prolactin induced ED, so that means when using 750mg test and 400mg deca.. problems advance.

Any long estered AAS can be run for 4 or more weeks with effective frontloading (thanks BR).

I have run 6 week cycles of deca with no frontload with a appropriate amount of a DHT compound (Proviron) and done very well.

deca gives good quality to a physique - better than test, and it IMPO is as capable of building as much muscle (water notwithstanding from test).




As it often means less injections to perform

Ganabol is the veterinary brand of Boldenone and is 50mg/ml.
Eq is dosed as a MINIMUM of 400mg, thats 8ml a week right there - JUST from the gana. I wouldnt use it at less than 600mg/wk - thats 12 ml and a possible sterile abscess.
I wouldnt use EQ (ever again) with more than 10% BF%.[/quote]

I have no issues with pinning anymore but I do have to keep it somewhat on the DL so, in that respect, less may be preferable.





Great reply, mate.

After reading more into Eq and Mast and definitely considering Mast over Eq but for the same reasons you state for not using Eq unless 10% or less, the same seems to ring true for Mast.

I'm still a little soft but more interesting in making slow body comp changes when assisted rather than the "omg mass", "omg cut" cycling.

Regarding Ganabol; It seems pretty difficult to source too.

I keep throwing different cycles out there but also looked at this one:

8 weeks:

Test Prop 150mg/EOD
Masteron 100mg/EOD


throw in some dianabol as well