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FurryWall Training Log


Hello T-Nation. First post and I figured I would start a log to keep myself accountable. This will be my first time lifting with a plan. Previously I've lifted for a few months at a time here and there but never made much progress, as I had no idea what I was doing, and would get discouraged.

Anyway I'm basically going to do Starting Strength although I don't have anyone to show me how to clean so I'm going to row instead. My short term goal is to reach 190 dead 350 squat 300 and bench 225. As far as stats:

Current Best
23yo 160lbs 170lbs
deadlift 225x5 deadlift 315x1
squat 135x5 didn't squat
bench 135x5 bench 185x1
military press 75x5 press 105x5

I want to get back to where I was and continue to progress. I feel so weak and I'm sick of it. I will post my first workout later I'm just bored at work right now so I figured I would start my log. Also will try to get some pictures up if I can borrow a friends camera.


Sprained my ankle pretty good last week and it kept me out of the gym. Still really sore today but I decided to go do some upper body work. Really disappointed with how weak I am, I remember being stronger than this the first time I ever picked up a weight in highschool. Anyway it's motivation to get in the gym and really work hard. Todays workout:

Bench press warm up then 2x5 at 115 then 1x5 at 135 I felt good and went for another set at 135 and got pinned under the bar on my 4th rep so that was embarrassing and a bad way to start the workout.

Military press 3x10 at 45lbs for some reason I could not find any small plates so I stuck with just the bar I really have no idea where all my gyms small plates were today

DB rows I started with 30lbs 1x10 and kept upping the weight until I couldnt hit 10 reps I got to 1x7 at 45 so I'll just try to keep upping the weights

DB curls 3x10 with 25s hopefully I can bump the weights up soon

I felt kind of lost today since I couldn't follow my program. I'm really hoping my ankle heals up but the pain seems to be above the ankle, high ankle sprain? I hope not, everywhere I read says 6-8 weeks recovery on that. Any advice on when I can start some lower body exercises? I miss deadlifting. Anyway going again Wednesday not sure what workout to do so I'll probably just do this again until my ankle feels better and try to up weights or reps.