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FURRY GIZZARD's Strength & Size Log

I’m 18
I’m 5’7
Currently I weigh 205-207lbs

Throughout HS I have played Football, ran Track, Boxed, and recently got into Powerlifting
Since I’ve played all these sports I have weighed many different things with several different compositions

I’ve gone from 165 during my Boxing and Track days to 185 for Football and now 205 for Powerlifting
Currently I am getting kinda fat

When I started Powerlifting I ate more to gain size and keep my energy up well now it has gotten out of hand and I’m probably around 16-17% body fat which I think is atrocious

So the point of this log is to keep up with my training and make sure I stay consistent
I wouldn’t mind people’s input but I’m under no allusions that anyone is going to read any of this
I have kept notebook logs but after a few weeks will stop

Hopefully I will be reminded of this log everytime I walk past my comp and check T-Nation which I do regularly
Right now I am forgoing my Powerlifting goals temporarly to get in shape and keep a base athleticism so that I can also pursue other sports if I want to

My Best Lifts Are:
Squat 455x3 - Olympic stance - Butt to Calves
Bench 285x1 - Touch and Go
Deadlift 495x1 - No straps - Alternating Grip
Power Clean 225x1
Power Snatch 185x1
Pullups 12
Pushups 35
400m :57
Mile 5:20
800m 2:10

So as you can see I’m pretty crappy in alot of things and I would like to change that over the next several years
Pretty much everything needs improvement

Now onto my log:

Tonight i did
50 pushups
50 bw squats
2 min plank
50 fat man pulls
all break down into several sets each

New goal is to lose as much fat as possible by graduation which is on may 24th
i will be using my current plan but will step it up a few notches

I feel as if T-Nation has lost its focus
I feel as if the last few weeks and I’m sure the coming months will decide the new direction of this site
I do know that it is no longer
hardcore training, hardcore bodybuilding, and essential nutrition
It seems as if this place is becoming Bodybuilding.com

I have read T-Nation since i was 15
I remember when i first found it through an article on RossTraining.com
I thought this place was the shit. I read and read and read

For about a few weeks i read hours a day going back through the archives
I actually spread the word about T-Nation to several of my friends who now read it everyday
now i wouldn’t recommend do that anymore than i would say BB.com

this used to not be a place for quick fixes but hardwork
not it seems like hardwork is a thing of the past and things like the V-Diet have taken its place

i’m sure soon this place will be nothing but V-Diet articles and supplement adds that are even large and more pervasive than they are now
i seriously do not know where i would go once this place completely sells out which seems like a fast approaching overcast on the horizon

i’m sure i’ll keep reading articles and reading the forums but probably never with as much excitement that i used to have

The T-Cell and the BB Bunker seem like the last vestiges of true hardcore attitude but as the T-Cell grows as people add members without hesitation and the BB Bunker is infiltrated by 150lb newbies who ask stupid questions and refuse to research for themselves and focus on advanced programs instead of 5x5 or the like
i just see those two especially the T-Cell as fighting a losing battle
this really saddens me

RIP T-Nation
I will miss you