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[Furries] Be Afraid, Be Very Very Afraid


Run, and don't look back.


I'm actually scared...




So howd ya find this?


That was so disturbing on 100 different levels. I am now going to burn the clothes I currently have on, and sit in a coner and suck my thumb.


Wasn't a 'furry' per se, was it?


Ha, don't worry, i'm not into this stuff.




Great vid




Fuck, that awkward silence and the face reminds me of Goddess Bunny. Weird shit.



The best part happens 9 seconds into it.


Excuse me while I kill my eyes with fire. Oh and you owe me a refund for 1 minute of my life back, douche


Hungry is that you??? Or are you the guy closing the door, out of pure terror, at the 9 second mark.


Terrible, quads seriously need to be brought up.


Uh, no. I clearly warned you :smiley:


THe fact you would find that and watch it is the scarey part. Seriously, what is wrong with you?


I didn't find it. Someone showed it to me. I did not know what i was getting into before i saw it.
I am innocent!


You're lying, you searched for it and then you got turned on. You hoped we would all enjoy it, but it's just you... and the guy who died in 1 horse cock and a split open asshole.