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Furo's T-Ransformation 2018 Log



Week 48 - Summary

Bodyweight: 98.4kg

Training: 1 run, 2 gym

Nutrition: Mediocre

Not much to report here! I got the basic training done, and gained some weight.


Week 49: Bodyweight

Bodyweight Giant Set
Pistol Squats: 3x5
One Arm Push-Ups: 3x5
Pull-Ups: 3x8

Weighted Pistol Squats
16kg: 1
20kg: 1
24kg: 1

Just a brief bodyweight session after a nightshift, the weighted pistols were fun.


Good work on that Trap bar Dead man!


Week 49: Bodyweight

Pistol Squats
BW: 5x5

One-Arm Push-Ups
BW: 5x5

Bodyweight: 97.6kg

Thanks @duketheslaya!


Week 49: Run

3km in 19min 17sec

Bodyweight: 98.1kg


Week 49 - Summary

Bodyweight: 97.9kg

Training: 1 run, 2 bodyweight

Nutrition: Mediocre

Just a basic week. It’s been 10 days since I last deadlifted so I should do some soon.


Week 50: Run

3.2km in 21min 50sec

This was done in very heavy rain and following my work Christmas night out, so I’m just happy that I got something done.


Week 50: Home Session

Sprints/Pistol Squats
5x 100m
BW: 5x1, 2x5

Kettlebell Swings
40kg: 5x10

Bodyweight: 98.4kg

A nice simple session today. I supersetted the sprints with the pistol squat singles, then added two sets of 5 at the end. It’s been ages since I last touched a kettlebell - the swings felt good.


Week 50: Run

6.6km (4.1miles) in 43min 36sec

Bodyweight: 98.9kg

This is the furthest I have ran in a long time, and it felt good. Bodyweight is unacceptably high though.


Week 50: Gym

Gym Giant Set
Deadlifts (180kg): 3x2
One Arm Push-Ups: 3x3
Neutral Pull-Ups: 3x5

60kg Blob
6x shoulder, walk 10m, no rest

Bodyweight: 98.3kg

A solid low-volume gym session after a bit of a hiatus - I think it’s been about 2 weeks since I last deadlifted.


Week 50 - Summary

Bodyweight: 98.5kg

Training: 2 runs, 1 gym, 1 home

Nutrition: Poor

The training highlight this week was the 6.6km (4.1mile) run, and I’m also glad I got some deadlifts done.

I need to get my bodyweight in check so next week I’ll cut out all sugar, alcohol and snacks, and that should get me in a better position heading into Christmas. I won’t be strict over Christmas itself but I need to do some damage limitation.


Week 51: Bodyweight

Pistol Squats
BW: 10x1

One Arm Push-Ups
BW: 1x10

Pretty hungover today, so I just did a brief bodyweight workout.