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Furo's T-Ransformation 2018 Log



Week 48 - Summary

Bodyweight: 98.4kg

Training: 1 run, 2 gym

Nutrition: Mediocre

Not much to report here! I got the basic training done, and gained some weight.


Week 49: Bodyweight

Bodyweight Giant Set
Pistol Squats: 3x5
One Arm Push-Ups: 3x5
Pull-Ups: 3x8

Weighted Pistol Squats
16kg: 1
20kg: 1
24kg: 1

Just a brief bodyweight session after a nightshift, the weighted pistols were fun.


Good work on that Trap bar Dead man!


Week 49: Bodyweight

Pistol Squats
BW: 5x5

One-Arm Push-Ups
BW: 5x5

Bodyweight: 97.6kg

Thanks @duketheslaya!


Week 49: Run

3km in 19min 17sec

Bodyweight: 98.1kg


Week 49 - Summary

Bodyweight: 97.9kg

Training: 1 run, 2 bodyweight

Nutrition: Mediocre

Just a basic week. It’s been 10 days since I last deadlifted so I should do some soon.


Week 50: Run

3.2km in 21min 50sec

This was done in very heavy rain and following my work Christmas night out, so I’m just happy that I got something done.


Week 50: Home Session

Sprints/Pistol Squats
5x 100m
BW: 5x1, 2x5

Kettlebell Swings
40kg: 5x10

Bodyweight: 98.4kg

A nice simple session today. I supersetted the sprints with the pistol squat singles, then added two sets of 5 at the end. It’s been ages since I last touched a kettlebell - the swings felt good.


Week 50: Run

6.6km (4.1miles) in 43min 36sec

Bodyweight: 98.9kg

This is the furthest I have ran in a long time, and it felt good. Bodyweight is unacceptably high though.


Week 50: Gym

Gym Giant Set
Deadlifts (180kg): 3x2
One Arm Push-Ups: 3x3
Neutral Pull-Ups: 3x5

60kg Blob
6x shoulder, walk 10m, no rest

Bodyweight: 98.3kg

A solid low-volume gym session after a bit of a hiatus - I think it’s been about 2 weeks since I last deadlifted.


Week 50 - Summary

Bodyweight: 98.5kg

Training: 2 runs, 1 gym, 1 home

Nutrition: Poor

The training highlight this week was the 6.6km (4.1mile) run, and I’m also glad I got some deadlifts done.

I need to get my bodyweight in check so next week I’ll cut out all sugar, alcohol and snacks, and that should get me in a better position heading into Christmas. I won’t be strict over Christmas itself but I need to do some damage limitation.


Week 51: Bodyweight

Pistol Squats
BW: 10x1

One Arm Push-Ups
BW: 1x10

Pretty hungover today, so I just did a brief bodyweight workout.


Week 51: Gym

180kg: 2x5

Single-Handed Kettlebell Swings
48kg: 2x10

Bodyweight: 99.1kg

A very solid session, but an unacceptable bodyweight.


Week 51: Home

Home Giant Set
Kettlebell Swings (40kg): 5x10
Kettlebell Rows (40kg): 5x5
One Arm Push-Ups: 5x2

Bodyweight: 98.8kg

Just a brief home workout. My hips and lower back are pretty beat up following my recent deadlifts, I’m really considering dropping barbell lifts altogether.


Week 51: Home

Kettlebell Swings
40kg: 10x10

Bodyweight: 98.3kg

Just a brief home conditioning session.


Week 51: Run

5.3km in 36min 26sec

Bodyweight: 98.6kg

I felt a bit weak during this for some reason. My hips and right knee have been uncomfortable since the deadlifts last Friday and my usual hip circle routine didn’t help, but last night I did some fairly intense quad and hip flexor stretches and that made a huge difference. So I need to remember that.


Week 51: Home

Kettlebell Swings
40kg: 3x5 - single handed
40kg: 3x20 - double handed

I was going to take today off but felt a little restless so did some swings. They felt good but I’ve noticed that my neck has been a little stiff since I started reintroducing kettlebells.


Week 51: Gym

Deadlift/Pistol Squat - Superset
180kg: 3x2
BW: 3x5

A nice low volume lower body session.


Week 51 - Summary

Bodyweight: 98.7kg

Training: 4 home, 2 gym, 1 run

Nutrition: Poor

I trained most days this week, but all brief sessions. No real highlights to speak of, maybe the 48kg single handed swings for 2 sets of 10. Ate way too much crap.


Week 52: Gym

BW: 5x6
20kg: 3x3

One-Arm Push-Ups
BW: 5x3

Dumbbell Curls
15kg: 3x12

Bodyweight: 98.6kg

A solid upper body session. My pull-ups felt weaker than previously, but I have neglected my upper body recently (and gained a kilo or two).