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Furo's T-Ransformation 2018 Log



Knowing you mate, it will be a fucking ordeal :joy::joy:


Week 45: Gym

180kg: 2x5

Pistol Squats
BW: 2x5

Bodyweight: 99.3kg

@ChongLordUno - lol! Yeah bodyweight hasn’t definitely jumped. Will get that sorted.


Have some good meals in London?
I would imagine that the choice would be endless.

Whenever I visit the city I find it hard to resist. Dumplings, fried chicken, udon soup and bubble tea are my weakness!



Week 45: Gym

Bench Press/Pull-Ups- Superset
100kg: 4x3
BW: 4x8

Dumbbell Curls
15kg: 3x10

Bodyweight: 97.9kg

Nice brief upper body session today. I haven’t done curls in ages.

@theBird - Yeah great meals! Went out for French, Greek, Belgian, Indian, Philipino and American over the four days - got through a lot!


Week 45 - Summary

Bodyweight: 98.6kg

Training: 2 gym, 1 run

Nutrition: Poor

Not much to report this week at all, no training highlights to speak of. Ate a lot in London and my bodyweight spiked, but appears to be coming back down ok.


Week 46: Gym

Trapbar Deadlift/Press - Superset
205kg: 5x1
60kg: 5x3

Bodyweight: 97.5kg

Just a brief gym session today. The trapbar deadlifts felt much heavier than they should have, but that’s ok - I will hit them again later in the week with more intensity.


Week 46: Hike

12km, 500m ascent, 4.5 hours

Bodyweight: 97.8kg

Nice short hike today, pretty steep in places.


Week 46: Run + Gym

2.5m in 15min 47sec

Pistol Squats
BW: 5x5

BW: 3x10

One Arm Push-Ups
BW: 3x5

Bodyweight: 97.7kg

This was a good session. It felt nice not too do anything heavy.


Week 46: Run

3km in 19min 20sec

Nice brief run today. I wanted to keep it short so it doesn’t interfere with deadlifts tomorrow.


Week 46: Gym

Trapbar Deadlifts
265kg: 1 - PR
145kg: 20

Bodyweight: 97.3kg

Boom, that felt good! 265kg (584lb) trapbar deadlift personal record, and honestly I know I was good for a little more. A very ugly rep, but bar speed was decent. I followed it with a set of 20 beltless then called it a session. Very very happy with that.




Week 46 - Summary

Bodyweight: 97.6kg

Training: 1 hike, 2 run, 3 gym

Nutrition: Mediocre

The highlight of this week was the big trapbar PR (265kg/584lbs), but I’m also happy with how that bodyweight session went - it felt effective, but much less…crushing. I think I’ll start doing more bodyweight-only sessions.


Week 47: Run

5.3km in 34min 24sec

Bodyweight: 98.3kg

Reasonable run, bad bodyweight.


Week 47: Run

Pistol Squats
BW: 3x5


Bodyweight: 98.0kg

I’m coming down with a cold but felt like doing something. Both exercises were tougher than usual - I was a bit weak and my knees didn’t feel great. My running app was being weird so I didn’t get a time. Think I’ll rest tomorrow.


I was just wondering, do you have any specific running goals?
Do you run on any particular surface? Grass? Dirt? Pavement?

Personally I have a love/hate relationship with running. I don’t run much at the moment, although considering adding it to my program. I often find it does not take much do over-do it and get an injury.



Week 47: Gym

200kg: 2,1

Pistol Squats
BW: 3x5

Bodyweight: 97.8kg

This was reasonable for having been off training for a week with a cold - it’s actually been 17 days since I last did conventional deadlifts due to a run on the trapbar. I went for more reps but failed on the 3rd then 2nd. Knees were a bit creaky on the pistol squats.

@theBird - Hey man, I have no ambitions whatsoever with my running. I run because I like how it feels (over short distances) and I feel it is a basic ability that I should maintain, so its quite easy to enjoy it. I think if I put pressure on myself then I would quickly begin to hate it, and I find it very easy to over-do it too. I run on pavement but only because I live in a city, I’d prefer to run on trails if there were some nearby (like where I stayed in 2017).


Week 47 - Summary

Bodyweight: 98.0kg

Training: 2 run, 1 gym

Nutrition: not great

This week was a bit of a write-off due to my cold, but that’s fine. Bodyweight is creeping up again.


Week 48: Run

5.2km in 35min 42sec

This was a bit slow, but I still have a cold so that’s fine. Knees and calves were feeling it by the end.


Week 48: Gym

Bench Press/Pull-Ups - Superset
100kg: 3,3,5
BW: 10,8,8

Trapbar Deadlifts
205kg: 3
225kg: 1

Bodyweight: 98.0kg

Nice brief full-body session. I’m happy with how it went considering I’m still suffering from this cold. I’m sure that’s a default beltless trapbar PR.


Week 48: Gym

200kg: 3x1

Bodyweight Giant Set
Pistol Squats: 3x5
One-Arm Push-Ups: 3x5
Ring Pull-Ups: 3x5

Bodyweight: 98.8kg

Ugh those deadlifts felt very heavy, and I’m getting fat. The bodyweight stuff was ok though.