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Furo's T-Ransformation 2018 Log



Week 41 - Summary

Bodyweight: 97.8kg

Training: 3x gym

Nutrition: Mediocre

This week was fine, not very interesting. I’ve finally taken steps to sort out my diet which is going fine. I’ve also taken some time off lower body training, but my back still feels fragile. I’m working 12h shifts over the weekend so will probably next train on Monday.


Week 42: Gym

180kg: 2x3
140kg: 10

Side Bends
24kg: 5x10

Pistol Squats
BW: 15x1

Bodyweight: 96.9kg

Good lower body session today. I did the heavier deadlift sets with mixed grip and the 140kg set double overhand. My back is still weird so I tried some side bends, which used to be my go-to exercise to sort out my back, and I think they helped. The pistol squats felt solid.

Since adopting those 3 diet rules on Thursday I seem to have reversed my fat gain, and it hasn’t been difficult. I’ve felt more tired than usual which could be related to dropping caffeine, but my reflux has gone so it’s worth it.


Week 42: Gym

Reverse Hyper
BW: 3x30

Ring Pull-Ups
BW: 5x5

Bench Press
100kg: 3x3

Bodyweight: 97.0kg

Nice brief upper body session. My lower back was pretty stiff but the reverse hypers sorted that.


Week 42: Gym

200kg: 3x1

Farmers Walk/Blob Carry - Superset
100kg: 15x15m
60kg: 15x15m

Bodyweight: 97.7kg

Good session, disappointing bodyweight.


Week 42: Gym

Trapbar Deadlifts
185kg: 1
205kg: 1
225kg: 1
245kg: 1 - PR (540lbs)
225kg: 1
185kg: 1

Reverse Hyper
BW: 3x30

Bodyweight: 97.2kg

Spontaneous late night session - solid trapbar PR. Very happy with that.


Week 42 - Summary

Bodyweight: 97.2kg

Training: 4 gym, 245kg TBDL PR

Nutrition: better

This was a good week overall - I turned my nutrition around and my back healed up, then I got a significant trapbar deadlift PR. I’m not sure it’s a good measure of improvement, as my regular deadlift has stagnated, but I’m happy with it nonetheless. The bar at my gym will be maxed out with 265kg (583lbs) so that’s my next target.


Week 43: Gym

Bench Press
100kg: 3, 3
110kg: 2, 1
80kg: 12, 12

180kg: 6, 6
Belted, Mixed Grip

Single Handed Swings
48kg: 3x5

Strong session today, that’s definitely some sort of volume PR for deadlifts - my rep max is 7. Third consecutive day hitting heavy deadlifts so I’ll take tomorrow off.


Awesome! Looks like your limit strength is going quite well.


Week 43: Stuff

BW: 3x10

Reverse Hypers
BW: some

Heavy Bag
5x 1min on, 1min off

I was dragged to the gym today, and took it pretty easy.

@ActivitiesGuy - Thanks! I’ve added 15kg (33lbs) on the trapbar in the past 18 months, and my conventional deadlift hasn’t improved at all. So progress isn’t great but I’m happy enough.


Week 43: Gym

Bench Press/Kettlebell Row - Superset
100kg: 3x3
40kg: 3x8

Deadlift/Pistol Squat - Superset
180kg: 2x3
BW: 2x3

Bodyweight: 97.8kg

This was my fourth “heavy” deadlift session in the past six days. I really wasn’t up for it but I’m probably not going to get back into the gym until next Monday so needed to get some work done. Everything felt surprisingly good.


Week 43: Bodyweight

Pistol Squat/One Arm Push-Up - Superset
BW: 20x1
BW: 20x1

Bodyweight: 96.8kg

Just a simple bodyweight session to finish this week off.


Week 43 - Summary

Bodyweight: 97.2kg

Training: 3 gym, 1 bodyweight

Nutrition: a little better

This has been a fairly good week. Training highlights were deadlifting 180kg for 2x6 and pull-ups for 3x10.


Week 44: Hike



Good work Furo. Your trap bar deadlifts are impressive and its something IM looking to emulate.

Ive joined a new gym that has a reverse hyper machine. Any tips on using it? Do you use it as more as a rehab thing? Obviously I have a lower back history and want to approach this thing carefully.



I use it mostly for warming up but it’s good as a back builder too. Start with light weight and learn to really control the downswing. Squeeze your lats while you’re doing it


Week 44: Gym

180kg: 1
200kg: 1
210kg: 1

Pistol Squats
BW: 2x10

Reasonable session today.

@theBird - Reverse hypers are great, but I’m far from any kind of expert on them. I like to go very light (usually unweighted), controlled and for high reps. I find they help with lower back recovery and strengthen it too.


Week 44: Gym

Bench Press/Pull-ups - Superset
100kg: 5x3
BW: 5x8

Trapbar Deadlift
185kg: 5
195kg: 5
205kg: 5

Heavy Bag
3x 1min rounds

Bodyweight: 97.4kg

Good session today, especially that last trapbar set. My knees have been very uncomfortable since the weekend, probably due to the hike. Might not get back to the gym this week.


Week 44: Run

3km in 19min 2sec

It has been too long since I last went for a run, but this felt pretty good!


Week 44 - Summary

Bodyweight: 97.4kg

Training: 2 gym, 1 hike, 1 run

Nutrition: reasonable

This was a fair week, nothing much to report. Highlight was 205kg (452lbs) for 5 reps on the trapbar deadlift.

My training has been a little aimless recently, so I’ve been thinking about goals. Short-term I would like to hit some deadlift PRs on the 3rd anniversary of my leg break (16/1/19). 265kg (584lbs) on the trapbar and 180kg (397lbs) x10 on conventional seem like they’d be challenging but achievable. I’m not sure about long-term goals, but I’m open to suggestions.


Week 45: Run

3km in 18min 47sec

Pistol Squats
BW: 2x5

Nice brief session today. I’ve just got back from a long weekend in London which I mostly spent eating, hopefully the scale won’t be too catastrophic tomorrow.