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Furo's T-Ransformation 2018 Log



Week 41 - Summary

Bodyweight: 97.8kg

Training: 3x gym

Nutrition: Mediocre

This week was fine, not very interesting. I’ve finally taken steps to sort out my diet which is going fine. I’ve also taken some time off lower body training, but my back still feels fragile. I’m working 12h shifts over the weekend so will probably next train on Monday.


Week 42: Gym

180kg: 2x3
140kg: 10

Side Bends
24kg: 5x10

Pistol Squats
BW: 15x1

Bodyweight: 96.9kg

Good lower body session today. I did the heavier deadlift sets with mixed grip and the 140kg set double overhand. My back is still weird so I tried some side bends, which used to be my go-to exercise to sort out my back, and I think they helped. The pistol squats felt solid.

Since adopting those 3 diet rules on Thursday I seem to have reversed my fat gain, and it hasn’t been difficult. I’ve felt more tired than usual which could be related to dropping caffeine, but my reflux has gone so it’s worth it.


Week 42: Gym

Reverse Hyper
BW: 3x30

Ring Pull-Ups
BW: 5x5

Bench Press
100kg: 3x3

Bodyweight: 97.0kg

Nice brief upper body session. My lower back was pretty stiff but the reverse hypers sorted that.


Week 42: Gym

200kg: 3x1

Farmers Walk/Blob Carry - Superset
100kg: 15x15m
60kg: 15x15m

Bodyweight: 97.7kg

Good session, disappointing bodyweight.