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Furo's Log

Day 15:


30kg Push-Up: 6-6-6-6
40kg Gorilla Row: 8-8-8
Skater Squat: 8-8-8
28kg Swing: 10-25-40-25-10

I attempted single leg squats today. I managed a well-controlled descent, which I haven’t been able to do before, but I had to use momentum to get back up so I’m not ready yet.

In other news I think I’m the leanest I’ve been in quite a while, which is great. I’m not sure whether it’s due to my increased training frequency or my intermittent fasting. Probably not the latter as I’ve been eating really badly when I have been eating.

Day 16:


10kg Side Bend: 50
Push-Up: 8-8-8
10kg Gorilla Row: 30

At my girlfriends today, so used her 10kg kettlebell.

Day 17:


Push-Up: 8-8-8
BW Squat: 25
20kg Gorilla Row: 8-8-8

Day 18:


WARM UP - leg swings, hip thrusts, hip circles

20kg - 10, 10
50kg - 5
70kg - 3
90kg - 1
70kg - 3, 3

20kg - 12
60kg - 8
80kg - 5
100kg - 5,5

ABS - 15min

I went to the gym today on a whim. My legs are pathetic, its seriously time I did something about it. I plan on running some sort of specialisation routine for front squats in the new year (maybe smolov, need to investigate my options).

The good news is that neither lifts have noticeably decreased since I stopped doing them over 6 months ago.

Day 19:


Chin-Up: 7-7-7
28kg Press: 6-6-6-6
Bodyweight Squat: 25
2x20kg Swing: 5-15-25-15-5

I did bodyweight squats today as I’m suffering from DOMS from the front squats. Otherwise this was a good workout.

Day 20:


BW Squat: 25
Push-Up: 8-8-8

Day 21:


I feel ill.

Day 22:


Push-Up: 8-8-8
BW Squat: 25

Day 23:


38kg Barbell Press: 15-12-12
38kg Zercher Squat: 5-5-5
38kg Barbell Row: 30
8kg KB Swing: 100
8kg Get-Up (Initial): 10-10-10

I’m home for the Christmas holiday and only have access to a 38kg barbell and 8kg kettlebell (though I intend to head to the gym a few times at least). I could have managed far more reps on the zercher squat but since my front squatting session my knees have gone back to their old ways of crackling and grinding and I just felt it too sickening so I cut my sets short. That has to be one of the most horrible sounds.

For whatever reason since I switched to my single leg stuff the pain and noises had disappeared, so perhaps I should stay my course and not bother returning to the gym to bring up my legs. I should probably just keep plugging away on single leg stuff and slowly work my way up to full controlled single leg squats. I feel that (at 100kg bodyweight) should be sufficient lower body strength.

Day 24:


40kg - 12
90kg - 5
97kg - 3
107kg - 4

? - 8-8-8

25kg: 12-12-12

2x18kg: 8
2x22kg: 8
2x30kg: 8


Went to the gym today with friends who are doing 5/3/1. Did 5/3/1 on bench with them (estimated 1rm of 110kg) which was fun, then did a random selection of exercises as a whole body day. Kept the lower body stuff low impact due to my knees.

Day 25:


38kg Barbell Press: 13-13-10
38kg One-Arm Row: 6-8-8
38kg Hip Thrust: 15-12
8kg Get-Up (Initial): 12-12-12

Balanced the barbell so I could do one-arm rows, which is much better than doing bent over rows - 38kg is far too light. This workout felt quite good but I feel lethargic so I’ll definitely do a light day tomorrow.

Day 26:


Hip Thrust: 30
BW Squat: 25
Push-Up: 8-8-8

I’ve had major hamstring DOMS since doing back extensions a couple of days ago. I think its an awesome exercise, maybe one day I’ll make some sort of apparatus for doing them at home. Annoyingly though my DOMS is far greater in my right leg, so I’m worried it has been taking over. I suppose a way to work around that would be to work up to single leg back extensions.

Hey man great log!

Where are you from in England? I’m from Devon.

Looking swole mate!

[quote]Lolkema wrote:
Hey man great log!

Where are you from in England? I’m from Devon.

Looking swole mate![/quote]

Thanks! I don’t know about that, mostly good lighting and a pump haha.

My log is a bit weird lol I’m training in my own special way.

I’m actually Scottish, but living in Manchester at the moment.

Day 27:


I spent 1 hour moving 40-80kg sections of 2 trees 100 yards or so in the garden. I’m going to count this as a light day.

I’ve done Enter the Kettlebell and liked it. Pavel does great work. But there are very few exercises and no squats. I’m more into doubles. I would go to Mike Mahler’s website. He has a number of different programs you could use with the 20’s and get the form down, then get another 28.

My favorite of his programs are EDT, 5x5, Cluster Training. Take a look at it. I PM’d you as well.

Day 28:


38kg Barbell Press: 13-13-13
38kg One-Arm Row: 8-8-8
Single Leg Squats: 3-2
Skater Squats: 5-5-5

I managed single leg squats today! I did them standing on a box and I think the fact that I didn’t have to worry about keeping my lead leg up allowed me to push myself and I got 3 good reps in my first set and 2 in the second.

Day 29:


Single Leg Squat Controlled Negatives: 5-3-3
Skater Squat: 5-5-5
Close-Grip Push-Up: 12-12-12
15.5kg Dumbbell Bicep Curl: 10-10-10

I tried single leg squats to start with by only managed 1 rep so switched to doing slow controlled negatives, which was a challenge itself.

Turkish Get up, Swings, One Arm clean and press, pullups and snatch.

If you have a 28 and can press it, you would work with that, once you can complete 75 reps on each arm in ladders form, you buy a 32.

Mahler’s stuff is better. You do double presses, rows, renegade rows, squats, snatch, swings.

I always thought the biggest weakness of ETK, was there was no squats in it. Merry Christmas!

Day 30:


8kg Swing: 100
8kg Press: 15-15
8kg Get-Up: 8-8