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Furo's Comeback Log


Thanks guys

Week 50: 5/3/1 Cycle 2, Week 1, Day 4 - Press

45kg: 5
52.5kg: 5 - wrist wraps
60kg: 8 - belt on

Bench Press
100kg: 10x3 - wrist wraps

BW: 10,10,8

Machine Row (Pulley)
61kg: 3x12

EZ Bar Curl
40kg: 3x8

Stationary Bike

Bodyweight: 98.1kg

Very good day today.


Nice squats buddy.

Looks close to perfect to me.



Squats look good - last couple of reps your hips start to rise a bit earlier but not enough to be a problem, just normal fatigue.

Your pressing is taking off!


Thanks guys. Yeah my press has returned to form quickly, but I imagine progress will slow now.


Week 50: 5/3/1 Cycle 2, Week 2, Day 1 - Deadlifts
I'm ahead of schedule, so starting week 2 early

135kg: 3
150kg: 3 - mixed grip, belt on
170kg: 5 - PR
180kg: 1
190kg: 1
200kg: 1 - YASSS

Hanging Leg Raise
BW: 8,8,5,5,5

Pistol Squats
BW: 3x3


Bodyweight: 98.1kg

Well that was awesome, 200kg went up so much smoother than the last time (although that was 3 months ago lol). I actually almost lost my grip for the first time ever, because of how sweaty my hands were. I completely forgot to think about my lats as advised in my deadlift critique thread, because I was concentrating on bracing in my new belt (which is awesome BTW). I'll definitely do that next time.

Also I took my "before" pic for the T-ransformation, but I'll spare you all the horror for now.


Week 50: Summary

Bodyweight: 98.2kg

Training: Awesome, 6 sessions

Nutrition: Poor

Training was excellent this week. For my top sets I got 9, 9, 10, 8 which is very respectable for a 5s week using genuine maxes. The highlight was definitely Friday's 200kg pull.


Week 51: Run

1 mile - PR (lol)

Happy new year everyone! I've got a good feeling about 2017.


2017 Plan

My plan is to finish this cycle of 5/3/1, take a couple of days off and then do a mock meet on the 16th of Jan to mark the anniversary of my injury. For the remaining 2 weeks of January my training will be unstructured - my priority will be deadlifts and getting back into kettlebell swings. Throughout January I will avoid all sugar, but my diet will otherwise be flexible.

In February I will move to the middle of nowhere and take my kettlebells with me. I will run Dan John's 10,000 Swing routine with a 28kg kettlebell. This routine will be perfect for kickstarting my fat loss, improving my conditioning and working my posterior chain while I can't get to a barbell. Having said that, any opportunity I get to deadlift I will take. In February I will switch to a full paleo diet.

Starting Pictures
Here is my extremely unflattering cold relaxed starting picture. This was taken on Friday morning at a fasted bodyweight of 98.1kg (216lbs).

The T-ransformation 2017 Results


You have big arms.


Thank you sir. Yes, 2017 - the return of the 'bell.

Official T-ransformation 2017 Thread

Week 51: 5/3/1 Cycle 2, Week 2, Day 2 - Bench Press

Bench Press
80kg: 3
92.5kg: 3
102.5kg: 6 - top set (wrist wraps on)
110kg: 3 - joker
100kg: 5
80kg: 15

BW: 3x8


Bodyweight: 98.4kg

I felt really rough for this one - work asked me to stay on until 4am, then I couldn’t sleep so stayed up watching the Eddie Hall Netflix documentary. I had around 5 hours sleep so I’m happy with how my benching went but I couldn’t be bothered with anything else. 110kg for a triple is a log PR excluding the sorcery of Smolov Jr.

First day of the T-ransformation and my bodyweight is up by a pound lol, hope you’re faring better lol @usmccds423


Week 51: 5/3/1 Cycle 2, Week 2, Day 3 - Squat

70kg: 3
80kg: 3
90kg: 10 - belt on
100kg: 3
110kg: 1
120kg: 1 - PR (265lbs)

Trap Bar Deadlift
167.5kg: 1
187.5kg: 1
207.5kg: 1 (457lbs)
187.5kg: 1

Pistol Squats
BW: 10x1

Hanging Leg Raises
BW: 8,6,5


Bodyweight: 98.5kg

120kg (265lbs) is a huge landmark for me because it means my squat is comfortably back to baseline. It may not look like much, but this means so much to me. Thank you everyone.


120kg (265lb) Squat PR


Looked really good!! Looks like you left a lot in the tank as well!


Thank you very much man. Yes I’m now hopeful for a bigger number when I test my maxes properly, but I didn’t think it would be helpful to push it further today.


I don’t blame you there. That is something that I have started to figure out over the past year. Set your PR, whether it’s 5 pounds or 1 extra rep, it’s still a PR. No need to try and diminish your accomplishment for the day by trying to get greedy!


To be honest I really wasn’t expecting to hit 120kg today, I thought I would maybe be able to grind it out on the 16th. I just wanted to enjoy the moment and not sour it with a failed heavier attempt. Although it was definitely tempting! I also spent a good couple of minutes debating whether I should attempt 227.5kg (500lbs) on the trap bar, but decided it would take more from me than it would give back haha.


Nice squat! You’re holding your form well and it was obviously not 100%. Always nice to know that you’ve got some left in the tank for the next session.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Week 51: 5/3/1 Cycle 2, Week 2, Day 4 - Press

50kg: 3
55kg: 3
62.5kg: 5 - belt, wrist wraps
70kg: 1
80kg: F

Bench Press
100kg: 3x5 - wrist wraps

Machine Row (Pulley)
54kg: 3x12

There wasn’t a free rack for pressing so I cleaned the barbell for each set. Between the clean and the new belt I really struggled with my breathing on the top set, but I felt strong so went for 80kg which I very almost got. That would’ve been a lifetime PR. Benching felt good.