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Furious with Doctor...Should I Be?

Have felt awful and have requested he check my Estradiol (E2). He said he would and when lab tests came back he faxed them to me and I have total test of 740 and Free test of 29 on the (9-30 normal range) scale. They once again didn’t test my E2. They called and said everything looked great but I feel awful. My joints hurt, I’m retaining a ton of water, and my anxiety is increased.

Should doctors always be checking E2?

I’ve read all the stickies but other sites have said conflicting things.

call them and ask for your E2 results. Did you check the lab order forms, or were they digital? What I mean is, did they order it and just didn’t report it to you, or did they just not order it at all?

They didn’t order it at all. I saw the order forms and I’ve got the full results they said. The doc told me “ok i’ll test the estrogen this time,” but the only test he added was DHEA in addition to Free Test/Total Test and LH/FSH (which are both shut down).


I saw from another post you’re 25 years old? Did you determine if you were primary or secondary hypogonadism? Unless you have had some type of traumatic injury to your testes, or brain injury that damaged your pituitary, you have something else going on that needs to be addressed. TRT is a long hard road for some (I’m of the some portion), and if you can avoid it everyone on here would suggest to do so at your age.

Read the advice for new guys sticky, thyroid sticky, blood testing sticky. Pay attention to the thyroid labs. Doctors tend not to want to test for the specified thyroid labs. Often you just get a TSH. Also, you need to post all the labs you got on your thread. Hopefully your doctor at least tested FSH and LH, which would determine if you are primary or secondary.

I’m not preaching to you, brother. I’m telling you straight up. Figure out what is CAUSING your testosterone to be low. Low testosterone is a symptom of a problem, not the problem itself. If you can figure out the cause you will avoid a lot of pain.

I agree with Kaynon 100 percent and also a part of the some club and have stopped injecting as it did nothing for me. Maybe caused more problems actually. Later on you may very well need it but make sure you know what you are talking about and have all your ducks in a row.

Goodluck man and welcome to hormones 101 lol

Hi Kaynon,

Yeah I’m 25 ( was 24 when I started TRT). I was at 1000+ until I was 22 when my levels rapidly dropped which is why my doc put me on TRT. You’re absolutely right; there probably is something else causing this which is why I’m seeing a different doc Thursday. I’m so depressed right now and feeling really really down and I can tell it’s hormonal because i’ve been through a real, deep dark depression before. I just hope to find a doctor that will comprehensively help me. The doctor I see thursday is a specialist in the area, I’m told. Again, thank you for your response.