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Furey the Flamer


Matt Furey has concocted a 'Primate Strength' course for $349. Gee, I wonder if this has anything to do with King Kong coming out. Of course the introduction bashes weightlifting and they are priveledged to find out about this. This is the final line of the testimonial: "To find the ultimate in strength training, I had to wander the desert for 20 years to reach the promised land - the jungle of the great apes."


$350 to learn how to do push-ups clim ropes etc. I think the movements/excersizes are great but not worth $350 but hell if he can sell it go for it. Probably do more good than many people buying Bowflex, gazelle, 7 minute abs etc.


Didn't you hear? Fury is an IRS agent. He's in charge of taxing stupidity. Does a damn fine job of it, too.


Hahahahahahhahahahha. What a douchebag. Every time I read some assinine bullshit from his site, I wanna smack the fucker for being such a marketing whore. I have to say....even Pavel isn't that bad; at least his ideas are worth something, even if they're overpriced. Furey...he's a sonofabitch.


The fuck nut is even selling a copy of a Farmer Burns course available free online.

He needs to put up or shut up...he claims hundreds of hindu push ups build limit strength and that he doesnt bench but if he did he would move a fuckload of weight. I would like to see him and his students demonstrate the feats of strength he keeps saying bodyweight high rep excersises will make you capable of accomplishing.

I havent seen any of his new shit has he added to his approach? His old books followed one protocol....do more reps, then? why thats easy, do more reps. He is a scumbag.


I think its kinda funny...


There is a fundamental problem with Furey's logic (and all others who make such claims).

Progressive resistance exercise builds muslce!

Anyone who makes any sort of counter claim is just not being totally honest.


No...I doubt there are any pull-ups, at the end of the testimonial he says it isn't 'your typical pull-up course'.


That's because 'typical pull-up course'
don't cost 350$.

This guy has a few good things to say, but he's push it so far he's now ridiculous. Unfortunate......