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funny as shit since thg hit the news any who is everyone who knows nothing about steroids is on this forum asking about it. NEWS FLASH you will not hit 73 homeruns in one season if use thg nor will you set any olympic records if you use it. please no more questions about thg, no one here really gives a rats ass about thg!!




you know whats even funnier? is that in 98 all you needed to hit 70 homers was creatine and andro. today all you need is thg to hit 73. imagine how many you could hit on a test/tren/dbol at 2 grams per week!!!


barry is goin down!


the only thing more annoying than all the thg threads is mdog saying barry is going down on each of them. stfu dude.


he is


Barry and his giant gh-induced head are goin down.

sorry, couldn't resist.