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Funny Video Of Drug Companies


I found this the other day at work.I thought it was worth a few good laughs:



It would be funnier if it weren't true.


What an awesome find. Pissed me off, and I wish more could see it


Drug companies suck but Mike Adams is a fucking idiot. He is a rabidly anti-allopathic zealot whose sole purpose in life is to criticize the medical establishment. Furthermore, he uncritically accepts and promotes EVERY alternative "therapy" that comes down the pipe- even the most blantantly pseudoscientific ones.


Drug companies suck but Mike Adams is a fucking idiot. He is a rabidly anti-allopathic zealot whose sole purpose in life is to criticize the medical establishment. Furthermore, he uncritically accepts and promotes EVERY alternative "therapy" that comes down the pipe- even the most blantantly pseudoscientific ones.

He is an idiot, and his stuff isn't funny.


Drug companies aren't bad. Its the morons who dont take personal responsibility for themselves and look for "modern medicine" to save them from themselves... And its the lazy ass doctors who dont bother to dig into peoples problems and just throw out prozac or rittalin or whatever the popular depression/ADHD drugs are.

Not that I work for a drug company or anything...err I guess I do!


Drug companies aren't bad? Please....
Lets talk about the drug vioxx for example.
Merck knew in 2000 that vioxx was deadly.Lancet says drug should Have been off market then.

Nov. 4, 2004--The Lancet, a highly regarded British medical journal, examined 25,273 patients in 18 clinical trials done before 2001. They discovered that those given Vioxx had 2.3 times the risk of heart attacks as those given placebos or other pain drugs.This was before 2004!

In an editorial, the journal said, "For with Vioxx, Merck and the F.D.A. acted out of ruthless, short-sighted and irresponsible self-interest."

I agree with you that people don't take personal responsibility for themselves like they SHOULD.
But when you have some drug commercial on TV with some athletic guy popping a pill to take away his lives problems and young kids see it,that is a different story.


Yeah,well,he,the idiot, didn't kill 900,000 people last year with drugs.
He's not killing 300 people A DAY with drugs.


Where exactly do these figures come from? Is it one drug? Or maybe an rogue drug gang that mugs old ladies and kills them? Seriously, do you have any idea of how many people are saved every day because of drug therapy? Is it perfect, no...but ranting that 900,000 people a year are killed by drugs seems like a poor statement to me. Something like "vioxx=bad" would have probably sufficed.

No, I don;t work for a drug company and I'm not toeing a company line here...but my father is a doctor who has participated and spearheaded studies that develop new drugs that save lives. Guaranteed if you needed it and it saved your life you wouldn't be so quick to attack.

But seriously...I'd like to know where the 900,000 people a year thing comes from.

And for the record, I thought the video was very good. Very true as well. Parrallels can be drawn to so many industries using that video as well...which kinda makes me sad.



I believe it was in 2004,a study showing 900,000 people died because of drug related health problems.

This is where people get mixed up.
If I get into a car wreck and I need drugs to save my life,then shoot me up with all the drugs that you have.

But for as cancer,drugs don't cure cancer."We'll never see a cure because it would put the Pharmaceutical Drugs out of business.Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food."

The father of hippocrates said it well.
But yet physicians go out and push drugs more than ever before.Just because America doesn't practice good nutrition,they try to cure their problems with pills.Did you know that Doctors Are The Third Leading Cause Of Death In The US?Dr. Barbara Starfield of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health reports in a paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) titled "Is US Health Really the Best in the World?" how doctors are implicated in medical related deaths in the US:

12,000 unnecessary surgery
7,000 medication errors in hospitals
20,000 other errors in hospitals
80,000 infections in hospitals
106,000 non-error, negative effects of drugs
225,000 total deaths per year.

Yet our government talks about terrorism?
Drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in America.


Generic anti-medical ad hock nonsense. While I agree that the medical establishment and drug companies have been extremely irresponsible, none of that gives Mike Adams a license to promote pseudoscience.

From an article of his in which he argues pro-homeopathy (not taken out of context):

"Water takes on a different molecular structure when it is prayed over versus when angry people shout at it."


He also gives resounding endorsements to such leading health "authorities" as Kevin Trudeau, Bob Barefoot and "Dr." Gary Null.

Just look at the front page of his website- nothing but scathing remark after scathing remark about drugs and medical doctors. And he says the same thing in every fucking article. There is nothing contstructive or useful to be found on that site.

He is an idiot. He's not trying to help anybody. He just wants to criticize, condescend, and ridicule.

And you might be interested to know that he made his fortune developing email marketing (aka SPAM) software. What a great guy! I'm so convinced that he really wants to make a difference in all of our lives.


I'd be interested to know the stats in Canada vs the United States. The type of medicine practised is vastly different from diagnostic standpoint (according to the parents) so I'm wondering how different the unnecesary surgery and drug prescription numbers would be.



Oh I guess since one company had one drug that had some serious side effects, increased risk of heart attacks, that automatically implicates all other drug companies and their products?

I suppose its the drug company's fualt that idiots were taking Ambien before they left work and were falling asleep on the comute home? Hmmm I bet the label warns against driving while using this product.

As far as the 900,000 deaths blamed on drugs, I would like to see the studies and I would also like to see how many people are saved or have improved lives due to pharmaceuticals.

I dont agree with direct consumer advertisements in the drug industry. I think it promotes a lot of self doctoring. This is one area I would like to see go away.

In the end Pharmaceutical companies answer to stock holders, its their job to make quality products and to make a profit doing so. Do you really think that there would be a drug business if it wasnt profitable? Do you understand the amount of work that it takes to bring a drug to market or the tremendous cost?


drug companies save more people then the ones they kill. So its good but has it problems. The simple truth of the matter is that if no one was making drugs people would be dropping everywhere saying "ohwell... shit happens"

I bet all the people who are complaining have had a life improved by modern medicine. Both with drugs and the gp's who are prescribing them.


Drug companies are the devils child...

Drugs have their purpose but greed has taken over most of them.

Look at the bright side, it has made a lot of millionaires...


No,not just one drug company.
Many have this problem. Do you want me to name more drugs that have killed people? I can if you want to.The list goes on and on.

The funny thing is our government talks about "the war on drugs" but yet more people people die using legal drugs.Did you also know that it was proven that all drugs can cause disease?

Hell,just read the back of your pill box: " Some side effects that may occur include upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, headache,hair loss and restlessness,..."
I wouldn't want to go bald from taking a sleeping pill,thankyou very much.

The only legal obligation the Pharmaceutical companies have is to increase profits.
And how do they increase profits?
By having more people on drugs.
Someone I knew that worked for a certain company said that their goal was to have everyone on drugs in America....they were then fired for giving this information to others.

No,it isn't their fault if people ABUSE the drugs.
But,like I said,when they release a dangerous drug to the public and know that it causes health problems and they still call it "safe and effective"....like Vioxx was,or zoloft,then thats a major problem.
Healthcare in America is the economy.
If everyone lost their jobs because they had a cure for disease and cancer, the economy would go down.


And those people that would say" oh well, shit happens" are usually the people who sit around and smoke pot,drink gallons upon gallons of soda,and eat nothing but trans fat filled pizza all day.They'd rely on the drug companies because they don't meet their bodies nutritional needs.
Then they wonder why they're getting sick all the time.
I've never used a drug in my life.

None whatsoever and I don't have to rely on these drugs.Why? I use food as my medicine,practcie good hygene,and I stay away from drugs.
" You are what you eat".
What can I say.
Maybe you haven't seen five year old kids die because of drugs.
Maybe you haven't had a family member lied to and put on a new drug and never live to tell about it.