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Funny Trash For Tandem BJ

So She Say’s girlfriend’s husband owns a trash company. They’ve set up some goofy web site where they want to make the site ‘funny’. Naturally they’ve asked me (the Funniest Guy On T-Nation Runner Up 8 years running) to help. If I do a good job, She Say and her girlfriend will give me one more tandem blowjob this year than my alloted amount. I’m excited about this.

Unfortunately, I don’t find trash funny…can anyone help? As thanks, I’ll send you the censored vid (so you don’t have to look at my junk outside of an ankle sock) of me getting my tandem blow job.


I always thought this was pretty funny…


We have a winner ladies and germs!!!

C’mon…I’m serial.

Thought this was good… and confusing.

Thought this was good…and confusing

umm… this incorporates trash…

I don’t think there’s anything all that funny about garbage. Its pretty gross actually, smells fuckin’ terrible.

Whats your allotted amount?

[quote]chillain wrote:
Whats your allotted amount?[/quote]

Even if it’s, 365 tandem BJ’s a year, there’s always 366.

Get the point?

something along the lines of - unless you’re into this, you need someone to haul your trash somewhere else.

there are tons of “trash sculptures” out there on teh interwebz.