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Funny Training Stories


So much is serious here, so how about some good stories.

My mate just text me to tell me one of the funniest training stories I've heard in a while. He's about 6'3, 220 pounds, and was in the middle of his deadlift sets at 360pounds when a big polynesian guy came up to him and asked if he could do a set with him. My mate was like, sweet, this guy is bigger than me I'll let him have a go.

Problem was the guy couldn't even budge the bar!!!

I asked my mate what he said to him, but he said the guy just took off and left the gym before he could say anything to him LOL


funniest story would be at highschool gym when my mate threw a 5kg medicine ball at another fella, it looked like a normal ball, he put out his hand to stop it, not expecting it to be heavy and it smashed him in the face and made his nose bleed


I was doing knee raises with a medicine ball between my knees a couple of weeks ago. On the last rep I try and hold at the top of the movement for a few seconds. It was all a bit too much for my poor body and I dropped the ball right on my face. My nose didn't really bleed... it was more an explosion, there was blood everywhere! Only good thing was that the very hot gym assistant was very sympathetic and cleaned me up, every cloud and all that.


The other week I was watching this young fella, not that big, grab an ezy-curl bar, stand it up, then place a 20kg plate on one end. Then he dropped the weighted end down to the ground and guess what? The opposite unweighted end flipped up and hit him on the forehead, opening him up (not too bad, don't worry), and making him look EXTREMELY embarressed.


this leb dude at my gym decided he could 45degree leg press all the 20kg plates in the gym, he did for one rep, he was taking the weights off OF ONE SIDE ONLY and the whole thing fell to the side with all the weight still on it, with a huge fucking BANG that echoed the gym for a few seconds, all the guys looked at him shaking there heads, he went red in the face, i was like lol moron