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Funny Thread Idea


Although I'm a noob to the forum, I have a suggestion for a funny ongoing thread in this column. It would be titled 'New Rules' like on Bill Maher's Real Time.

The first could be no posting pics in the women's section after already posting in the physique photos section, especially if your pics got trashed. Just phrased comically.

I'm sure there'd be plenty of stuff to add weekly.


no posting tits-n-ass pictures in threads started for women to have inspirational pictures.

and on the same vein...no jumping into those threads and saying "oh I hate wimmen dat look like dat...dey gots too much musscle fer me".
No one cares.


Do not type faster than you can think - Yes, Shades, this one is for you too!


Yay, Joe!


no whole bananas


If you can't use the quote funtion properly, don't use it at all.


Yeah. I can't stand it when an entire post is a quote and I can barely read it due to the darker font.

No posting as an avatar a .gif file with a woman rubbing her own breasts. It's mesmerizing, and I end up staring at it for hours. In fact, not .gif files period. I am easily mesmerized by movement.


No posting of pictures of you and your dog/life mate.


No gum shots on the physique forum.


now see, now you're hitting me...without stuff like that from powda, what'm I gonna do for material?


If you can't spell quote function properly, don't use it at all.


That's how I spell it. Leave me alone.


Spitz, fedorov, Al Shades.

You are right, something would be missing.


Powda doesn't plan on posting pic for awhile until he's bigger.
How about not posting pictures of your arms until it's atleast thicker than a hot dog?


notice the vegetarian goes right for the "hot dog" analogy.

How is Foopa, anyway?



remember the old song?
conjuntion juntion, what's your funtion?

I got your back, RJ...just don't stop quick.


glad the thread took off a little bit.


we're tryin hard for ya, bro!


Don't post pics and expect no one to critisize them.


TN 101 - Basic Reading Comprehension

Course Description:
All noobs (and some veterans who are deemed never to have paid attention to this part of 4th and 5th grades since they were eating copious amounts of paste) shall be required to undertake a reading comprehension course prior to posting on ANY forum. While most would assume this basic skill to be a given (since most states test on this in any given mastery test) there is an ongoing problem of people posting to threads with comments that are so wholly unrelated to the discussion.

Apparently, remedial assistance is required. I present for your consideration, the prime example of the Motivating Physique Pics thread in the "T-Vixen Sorority".


Anyone who did not want to claw their own eyes out after reading some of the gems in there from the "non-comprehenders" might be excellent candidates for this course.