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Funny Things White People Do


This is for PROF X.

I'll start it off.

  1. Dance

  1. Work.



Wrong, think about Michael Jackson!



In Phoenix, you often see guys begging for food or money by the side of the road. Its almost always a white guy, and next most frequent are black guys. You NEVER see a Latino/Mexican begging - but you often see them standing near Lowes or Home Depot waiting for work.

I am white by the way. The white begging guys embarrass me.


shuffle board, curling, and cricket.


You should always respect your father...no matter his situation.


Why? :wink:


Stick foreign objects in their friends asses after they've passed out from drinking.

  1. Slavery

Too soon?


Uh, you do realise that every race of people has had or has been a slave?


This thread has been done before in response to an earlier thread title something like stuff black people like and it will eventually turned into another mess.


Elect/ then re-elect this fool...


Keep shitty, no talent, hip hop/rap artists in business.

I'm white and I approve this message.



elect/ prob re-elect this fool.....


propaganda ftw


am i surprised a racist in alabama? Put some sun tan lotion on your neck...its pretty red.

...fuggin inbred hicks



  1. Run to bad situations.

"Oh dear, Janice, were those gunshots? Wow, people sure are running from that sound fast! But...wait one second honey, I just want to make sure those were really gunshots I heard."