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Funny Things Christian People Do



Stop #3.


Maybe it’s just me but I didn’t find any of that funny at all.


Without reading the link, I predict this thread = total shit show.

Well done OP, well done…


You’re going to hell buddy


Double Posts= it’s GOING TO happen. Bring some sunscreen. Tell George Carlin I said WASSUPMY KNEEGAH


Christians use vegetable characters to teach bible stories to youth? And parody shows make fun of them? ! Say it ain’t so!


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wtf is wrong with me? this is so not wicked


shakes head…leaves room


“Armageddon’s finally here…Armageddon outta here!”

Good stuff.


Apollo owns.


Dude, veggie tales was fucking awesome when I was a young lad, I loved that show.


[quote]Stength4life wrote:
You’re going to hell buddy[/quote]

He can’t go to hell when it isn’t real.

I grew up in a christian home, and Veggie Tales was the shit. Who cares if they are talking about god? Veggie Tales teaches kids to be good people.


My son used to love Veggie Tales. It was a fun and funny way to get the good word out.


I thought this was going to be a thread about things you’ve noticed that hard-core christians do.

For example, I’ve learned to identify the real dedicated types by a certain phrase they use. When telling a story, they tend to add a variation of “we were so blessed” after they describe certain events.

My aunt’s a born-again and she does this all the time. I thought it was just her until I heard the same from devoutly religious christians in Idaho, Ohio, Texas, etc…


[quote]Stength4life wrote:
You’re going to hell buddy[/quote]

I think this suits the title.


Apparently, they hijack planes.


What are you, 8?

Yeap. You’re definitely somewhere. And it ain’t up there.


I don’t believe in hell. But I just wanted to kick things off. I guess people aren’t more stereotype against religion then they are race here.


I don’t see the big deal. It’s pretty obvious that Veggie tales are Christian chidrens entertainment so it seems logical that Christians would let their kids watch them.

We didn’t watch Veggie Tales in our house but that’s because we’re not Christian and I’m not really down for cartoons preaching something I don’t believe in to my children. That doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the program though. I grew up in a Christian home and I had a children’s bible and other religious literature aimed at children. It seems pretty normal to me.


Does anyone care then to show the “funny” things other religions do. Or is it just that Christians just turn the other cheek so everyone focus’ on them for a laugh.