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Funny Things Black People Do.


Why is it every time im in my car and i come up on a black dude crossing the street he never speeds up to get off the road? In fact once he sees a car coming up he will usually make a point of walking slightly slower. Why?

Spanish dudes and chicks get a little pep in their step, Whites, Indians and Asians all speed up to get out of the way of oncoming traffic. But Black dudes, make a point of walking slower even with a little swagger. lol. I think this is funny and noticed it for years. What's up with that?


Uh I walk slow and I ain't black......


I'm black and I don't.

did shit just get real?


i walk almost everywhere, and i'll be damned if i'm going to change my pace to accommodate other people.


You're obviously albino.


Yup, you live in Boston alright... Lol


Um, yeahhhhhhh......ok.

To be honest, it annoys me when ANYONE takes their time to get out of the way of a moving car. I've scared the shit out of kids/teens who intentionally take their time to get out of the way, by almost hitting them....intentionally.


I walk the same speed all the time. I have never seen a black person slow down crossing the road.


Nope. I'm a ginger kid. LMAO


you know it! i used to live in new york, and you can't get away with it there, but here cars stop for practically no reason so i've stopped caring if they have to wait for me.




that scares me even more, gingers creep me out, they have no souls


being from new york, people respect vehicles. out here in Socal, people are arrogant about pedestrians having the right of way. I have seen 50/50 of people slowing down and not getting out of the way of vehicles while crossing the road. pretty race independent stupid people are everywhere, but one black lady was so arrogant I honked at her and she got all indignant like how dare I. Talk about road rage.


it's not respect...it's fear.


Honestly though, you have to be one ignorant motherfucker to think skin color has anything to do with how fast you cross the street.


yea csuse everyone knows white people are the worst at this...like cars aint heavy


Have to be ignorant too if you ignore cultural differences in groups of people (maybe a majority of people that have a certain sub-culture have black skin, a trait of this sub-culture making them more defiant, and walk slower in front of cars).

Granted, this could all be hear-say.


Or just the ignorant motherfucker cb was talking about. Some of you are just pathetic.


LOL. Yeah a filipino ginger kid. haha Not possible.

But gingers are nice lol. My ginger friend is really bouncy and talks alot which is really fuckin weird.


Can a black person please make a thread called "Funny Things White People Do" and then list "gross generalisations about entire races of people" and "incredibly crass observations" as part of the OP?