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Funny Things Animals Do

  1. A german shepherd I know is 140+ pounds and aggressive but scared of a flashlight.

  2. Lick their own butts.

My German Shepard has (or had… She’s old now) no problem ferociously charging other dogs that are bigger than her, but she’s afraid of kittens.

A couple years back during the Chrismahanukwanzaakah holiday season my cat got scared to death at a plush tiger I bought for my nephew. I put it down in front of her and she took off down the stairs snarling the whole way. I had to hide the toy and put down catnip where it was so my cat would come back upstairs. Lol, it took her about 5 minutes to come up those steps, making sure the evil stuffed animal wouldn’t come after her.

A friend of mine has two German Shepherds and the one has to walk backwards out the kitchen for some reason. The other simply just turns around and walks out, but the other basically moon walks out. Every time! Pretty funny to watch…

140lb German Shepherd? God dayum, that’s a big boy.

-Run into screen doors.

When dogs crawl using their front legs while dragging their butt on the floor. Always thought that was hilarious.

Or watching a small dog trying to bang a bigger dog.

turtle orgasms:D

Already two posts about shepherds.

I’m sensing a pattern.

Bunch of generalizing specists! (lolwut?)

All this establishing domination stuff.

I watched my friends little dog for a weekend. Well her male dog and my male dog took turns banging each other the entire weekend, we’re talking white stuff on the fur and everything!

It was horrifying!

Now and again my female dog will mount my male dog with a big old grin on her face.

[quote]adamhum wrote:
All this establishing domination stuff.[/quote]

Nah, your dogs were just getting off. Nothing to do with being top dog.

The majority of these German Shepherds who are so easily frightened by little things are even more frightened by the stuff they appear aggressive towards, that’s why they do it.

My 130lb yellow lab (hyooge, i know…) takes dinner plate sized dumps smack dab in the middle of the walkway to the front door. Take him to the grass, he walks back over to the concrete and squats. Every. Single. Time.

I have a Jack Russell who will chase a laser pointer over sex.

True story.

Here is a list of things my 70 pound malamute is afraid of:
The bathroom
He used to be afraid of his bowls, however I think hunger and thirst forced him to get over that

My 60 lb husky is emotionally crushed the rest of the day as soon as she hears the crinkle of a K9 Atvantix package. It’s like her monthly mini-PMS.

Bitches man…

My 90 Lb boxer is petrified of puddles…he’s the bravest dog around at any given time but when he sees a puddle, its like his anxiety goes through the roof as he figures out a way around this mass of water

My black lab likes watermelon and walks extra slow when he crosses the street…

I put peanut butter on my genitals and my dog lic…

The “happy ritual” of tired, content dogs… lying flat, hunching the back and curling the neck to stretch while biting their paws and curling them around their face.

[quote]dennis3k wrote:
My 90 Lb boxer is petrified of puddles…he’s the bravest dog around at any given time but when he sees a puddle, its like his anxiety goes through the roof as he figures out a way around this mass of water[/quote]

I think that’s typical of non-water and short-haired dogs. I have a big bulldog mix but a drop of water sends him running. It’s a testimony to his awesome training that he’ll stand in the shower when he needs to be bathed.

Still, it’s hilarious to see this enormous alpha brute cringe when you show him anything water related. Water bottles, hoses, he’s wary at best, bolting for usual.

my cousin has this ugly mutt maybe 50 lbs but it climbs trees, literally, it will run right up the side of a tree about 20 ft high or so.

Used to have a mini-pincher that was horrified of laundry baskets.