Funny/Stupid People at Gym

For the people who work out in a gym and not at home, I’m sure you notice some of things that people do. Some of it is just plain idiotic, some is vainity and some makes me laugh. Well the other day something that combines all 3 happened, so here’s my story.

I was at the squat rack, and this other guy was doing the leg press, he’s in his early twenties, built (upper body wise) similar me, so no too big. I wasn’t squatting a whole lot of weight, 225 is high for me though. He had 5 45’s on each side of the leg press, not going down low enough, pushing on his thighs. Either way I didn’t care he wasn’t using the only squat my gym has.

I had just finished my second set when the guy came up to me and said this;

“Hey, you should be able to squat more then that, look at how much I’m leg pressing and we are the same size”

I didn’t wanna bother to explain how you can leg press more then you can squat, I was tired so I told him to just go back to his workout, I got my third set in and was getting ready to unload the weight. One of the workers said I had a phone call (I work at this gym as a trainer btw) so I left the weights on to answer the phone at the other side of the gym. After about a quick 2 minute talk to one of my clients, I turn around to see this doofus has loaded TWO extra 45’s on each side for a 405 squat attempt. From watching him struggle with 450 on the leg press for what might have been about 6-8 reps, I booked it across the gym to stop him as he was standing under the barbell and when I was about to shout I realized he was already trying to un-rack the weight. But he couldn’t do it, I stood behind him as he made weird faces trying to get the barbell off the rack.

When he got out from under and stopped trying, he said to me “your like 6 inches taller then me (which isn’t true) so I had to go on like my tippy toes to lift the barbell”

I simply said “uh huh, that’s nice, now get your weights off so I can finish my set.”

I guess this guy just had a massive ego hit, bc I went to get a drink as he unloaded the weight and I turn around to see him trying to squat 225, this time he did get the weight off but was in partial squat when I saw him, I knew he was not going to get back up. I booked it again from the fountain and helped him stand back up, told him to smarten up and only do what he knows he can do. People that stupid should not be able to lift. I just thought I’d share, the other people in the gym (not too many) had some comments for him after he left.

Any funny stories or stupid people you notice in the gym?

This is a pretty good story but could probably be written to be more entertaining (you’re not doing it justice). So go to the Strength Sport section of this forum and then find the thread titled “Squat Rack Curls.” It’s all about stupid stuff people on this site see in the gym. Just skip to the last page to post your story. They’re are hundreds of stories. I think the tread is near 1000 pages. A lot of the stories are pretty good. Have fun.

Then I offered to do leg with him every monday. To my suprise he showed up and quickly learned proper squat form, our workout was so tough I figured he would never work legs again. But come next monday he was there.

To make a long story short we now train legs 2 times a week and he is now olympic squating 585.

Yeah… thats how it should have went…

Sounds like you were prety rude to the guy, telling him to get back to his workout and take off the plates ect. Everyones stupid at some point, at least that guy was working legs and willing to try squats.

A couple years ago I watched a very elderly women put four 45 plates on each side of the leg press machine. She struggled just to put the plates on. I was impressed at that feat let alone the fact she was about to leg press it so I sat back and watched. She sat down and pulled out a book and started reading.

I kept my eye on her throughout my workout and she just kept reading for about 40 minutes then unloaded the weight and left.

Anything having to do with a bosu ball is mind boggling to me. I’m more likely to split an atom than I am to figuring out what people are thinking when doing their momentum curls on an inflatable ball.

But at least they can tell the other soccer parents “I went to the gym” so I guess that’s the justification.