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As mentioned I was at the doctor…so no I am not planning to cycle AT THIS TIME. But just in case, I was hooked up with a legit supplier. I just thought that I would share. You see people get on asking about “sources”. www.getcheaproids.com(I made that up…not a source). Its funny when you see the things that people ask if they are real.

After actually having a real supplier, its hilarious the prices taht these websites put up. I soon learned that real gear…2-3x what you would see on any “legit” online supplier…lol…just thought that I would share that, cause I think it is hilarious.

WTF is this shit

Um, nice 3rd post. Geez

Didn’t this guy post another thread last month and get flamed to hell? It must have gotten deleted but I remember his avatar.

Not the place.

Look around you.

You’re a fool