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Funny Stuff - Perfect Christmas Gift


...after all a calander is a gift that keeps on giving, month after month, day after day...

This is truely 'nature' at it's best...


Funny stuff...


That's nasty.


well my Christmas shopping is done!


The best part is you can get all indignant when you go over to the recipient's house and they don't have the calendar up.


thats absolutely horrific...


No Thanks..don't need a calendar..I get enough of the "poop patrol" courtesy of my OWN dogs!


OMG, that's too funny! Sick, gross and disgusting, but funny! But they forgot to include the steam.


LOL, The February '02 Doo is great, but I love the January '01 frost bitten Doo.


That assumes that the recipient would ever talk to you again, nevermind having you over.


What next? Scratch'n sniff stickers?