Funny stuff at the gym

Last night I was doing decline situps on a deep decline with 70 pounds of weight on my chest. Well the straps for my feet broke and I slid down. The gym was packed and needless to say it created a few laughs. Now I got brush burns on both elbows and no decline bench to do situps on. Feel free to share any stupid gym stories.

Don’t place the weight on your chest, hold it in place behind your head. This way you’ll only need a fraction of that 70lbs.

Never thought about that. Thanks for the tip.

The first time I ever used the treadmill, I had some trouble. My walkman fell and I stopped to pick it up. I forgot that the treadmill doesn’t stop just because you do. Well, I fell and bounced on my ass and then got thrown backward. I’m sure I had the attention of more than just a few people.

Another treadmill story. I had one in the basement of my parents’ house. I was running and my Dad turned the light off to the basement, which actually cuts off all power to the basement. So, I sorta ran into the front of the machine. I swore at my Dad, and he turned the lights back on. Only problem is that this cheap treadmill doesn’t have a gradual starup. So, again, I got thrown off.

I don’t do much cardio, anymore.

I’ve never had a “stupid gym” experience. I am grace personified.

Ko, stop laughing :wink:

I’ve walked into the wrong dressing room after ‘squat day’… twice

The bikes in my gym are crammed really closed together. Someone had left the footstraps on the bike I wanted to use so I removed one but didn’t have alot of room to walk around the other side to get the second one off. So, I leaned over the middle with little regard to the placement of my head and promptly got kicked in the melon by the guy on the bike next to me. I had a big red goose egg for a week and a half.

Z-man, I’ve done the same thing…


I decided to wear some really old, comfy shorts to the gym one day and had the crotch blow out at the bottom of a squat.

I was doing Shoulder DB Presses one day and someone had the 60’s. So we improvised and used the 55’s with those 2.5 lb plates, 1 on both sides of each dumbbell. Well, I went up on about the 5th rep and I guess I clanged them together extra hard.

Result: a 2.5 lb extra plate comes crashing down on my cranium. Right on the soft spot. Made me see stars.

This wasn’t too funny to the kid it happened to, and I was not very amused at the time. I was doing power snatches on a platform. The weight room was crowded, and rather than wait for me to finish, dumbo decided to slip by me when it seemed I had stopped. Walked right into the bar as I was bringing it up. The bar dropped him, I dropped the bar, and proceeded to yell at him about gym safety. Last time he was around when I worked out.

Thankfully, this didn’t happen at a gym–but when I was incline bench pressing one day (long ago when I was a wee lad), I was taking a short 1 second break at lockout, and my left shoulder decided to fall out of socket! Needless to say, the bar came crashing down on my chest at full force with my shoulder still out of socket. The weights fell off the bar and put some holes in the walls. Live and learn I guess.

Last night I was doing some squats and noticed a swiss ball next to the squat rack(?) Well, that sure makes a comfy seat inbetween sets. There was an older guy on the Smith machine next to me who asked me where the handles were on my toy.