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funny story

I work in the Mall and yesterday on my lunch I went to kleins all sports and was asking a few questions about the power rack they had for a real good price, it didnt look like the most durable thing in the world so I asked the sales person if he knew how much weight it could hold so I could do squats at home in case I couldnt make it to the gym, he said he wasnt sure but then looked at me with such a serious face and said “I think u could easily get away with 120-130 lbs”, So I walked away thinking this person was trying to sell me a power rack that I couldnt even do pull ups on(yea im small but I got about 30 lbs on his answer)…anyway, you might not find this to funny but I just thought it was to damn funny for him to say it with such confidence and seem like it was a valid answer.

by the way, after going back and asking somone who again had no clue, they got the manual and it holds up to 500… plenty enough for me (for now) :slight_smile:

120lbs! HAHAHAAH…That’s funny kid!

I can imagine this guy was HUGE! heheh

120-130… that’s plenty. God, you’ve got plenty of room to grow on that machine.

I hate sales people that make up answers when they don’t have a clue.

Klein’s All-Sports . . . in Sangertown Square? Are you in the Utica, NY area?

It was in oakdale mall…Johnson city/binghamton NY

upon further investigation it appears maybe that power rack was for curls only… I should have known

hahahaha…nice one ~x~. Should get one of those for my gym, keep them outta my rack :stuck_out_tongue:

C’mon ~x~, 120 should be fine. When I told everyone you’ve increased your squat 105lbs in the past few months, I didn’t mention that you started with 10lbs…
(That’s what ya get for posting my remark about the curls)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Thats some funny shit!

I would have probably thrown myself ont the floor, and laughed till I pissed my pants.

I made my own power rack.

You should have told him how much you do squat!