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Funny Story

Funny thing happened at the gym yesterday. I use a couple of different gyms, but I had to use a particular one yesterday. I go in, and the pads on about half of the machines are missing. Some sort of maintenance thing. I had been planning on squatting, then hack squating, but wasn’t too keen on hack squatting without pads (considered it, though). I chose to just leg press instead.

So after squatting, I went over to leg press. I hadn’t done it in awhile, so I started relatively light, 6 45’s on a side. I do my first set and get up. Then a couple walks over. The woman is a Barbie doll wannabe. She’s not an ugly woman, but not a 10 either, and she attempts to pull off that look (unnatural blond hair, lives in a tanning bed, only owns spandex). The guy with her has asshole written across his forehead, but I’m sure we all have at some point in our lives. Anyway, he asks if I’m done, and I tell him I’ve got two more sets, but he can work in. So he jumps on without changing the weight. The girl pipes up, “Honey, have you ever done that much before?” The response, “Of course I have.” I figure it might be a little heavy for him based on his build (potential as a tennis player), and turn to get some water. I hear him unrack (?) the weight, and the next noise I hear is a clank. I process the fact that a clank should not be part of a leg press movement, so I turn around to see him pinned under the weight. The thing that gets me is as I bent over and grabbed hold of the sled to help it up, he said, “I’ve got it” in the most loaf-pinching voice ever. I paused for a brief second to process that completely unexpected statement, and the guy on the other slide of the sled and I pull the weight up. He then blames his performance on “not working out in a week”. I think I should make a t-shirt with the words “I’ve got it!” on the front and give it to him next time I see him.

A la Nelson Muntz “Ha ha!” Excellent anecdote Jared. More importantly, you’ve given us something to rival “WHAT’S YOUR MAX BENCH?!?!” Let the “I’ve got it!” takeover commence.

MBE: "He's got it. Yeah baby he's got it. Since 1986."


Serves his ass right. He’ll never look in to you eyes again…

That’s classic! (“loaf pinching voice”-I’ll have to use that one!)

Top story Jared Very funny,“I’ve got it!” most certainly one to take up Monkeyboy.