Funny Story of the Festive Season

christmas eve, the missus finaly convinced mt to go to a church service with her, (she goes every year) so of course i almost forgot and had to high tail it from the gym to the church, so i turn up in my vest, tracky bottoms and pumped.
(was not the traditional midnight mass btw, f**k that)

anyway, after an hour of being bored it came to an end and the priests came walking round wishing everone a happy xmas etc, anyway, the apprentice priest or whatever they are called, pulled me to one side and tried to score some gear from me - told me it was gods plan for him to build his body and compete in a strongman contest!!!

Of course i denied all and said i have never used, to which he told me - i should have known really, your neck is too small for a junkie!! wished me a holy xmas or whatever and carried on about his work.

Wtf lmao

And on the 8th day, God created Sustanon…


Well, it should be known that the modern-day artistic rendering of Jesus is just Da Vinci’s portrayal of what he believed Jesus should have looked like (mind you, the resemblance is based on an archaic depiction of Zeus).

In other words, it’s become common belief to think Jesus was a ripped 5% BF year-round. So I’m convinced HGH dates back to biblical times.

it’s not, apparently i have a small neck :frowning: been shrugging all christmas!

hint: time to get a head harness!


Yes! If the religion becomes pro-steroids then the law is screwed

“And on the 8th day, God told me to inject thy Test-E”

And to go out with women who only wear this bathing suit. (Different colors accepted)