Funny Stories at the Gym

Funny thing happened to me to day at the gym.

There was only one other dude in the gym who arrived at about the same time as myself. After my dynamic warm-up I went to set up the squat rack for some overhead pressing. There are only 2 racks at this gym, which are situated next to each other.

The other dude in the gym got to the other squat rack maybe 30 seconds before myself and he was setting it up for whatever he was about to do. Well funny thing is he started to overhead press, maybe 20 seconds before I started to overhead press.

I always do a few reps of pull-ups in-between sets, and so did this other guy lol. So it looked like I was doing the whole copycat thing, even though I had planned to this workout.

I wanted to say something to the guy, but Im from his interaction with the front staff I could tell that English was not his first language and I didn’t want to freak him out anymore.



Were you stronger than him though?

He ether feels flattered or inferior.

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But did you follow him to the men’s room?

I had a similar thing once with deadlifts. We were almost doing the same weight increments at the same time.

This probably happens more frequently with bench press or dumbell area but oddly its not the same as when it happens in a power rack.

I used to work out at a gym in Nanjing and the girls at the front desk controlled the music that was played, but didn’t speak any English They were really good about playing music with a decent beat, but it included a song called, or had as its chorus, “Womanizer.” So while one of the desk ladies was quietly singing “Womanizer, womanizer” along with the recording, I told the kick boxing trainer (who was the only person on staff who spoke conversational English) to explain what a “womanizer” was. She was horrified and they never played the song again.

@dchris: unfortunately he was pressing much more than me. He looked like an ex-chinese olympic athlete. Ive seen him at that gym before doing only lifts, and he looks very skilful.


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Hahahaa! Just your luck!

Walking by a fat slob on a bench (that guy who is actually at the gym all the time and very comfortable there, but in no way has the appearance that he does any kind of exercise ever; most commercial gyms have at least one of that guy).

He was sitting up, between sets. I walked probably within 6 or 7 feet of him, just walking past to get to the dumbbell rack at the other side of the room.

He lets out a giant fart, timed perfectly for when I was directly in front of him midstride. The kind of fart where it’s amplified by what you’re sitting on. You know what I’m talking about.

I wasn’t looking straight at him, but I swear out of the corner of my eye I saw his shorts move from the fart draft. I glanced over right afterward (I almost jumped back, it startled the shit out of me) and his blank facial expression and lazy demeanor would make you think it didn’t really happen.