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Funny Steroid Stuff


Here is a place where we can take it a little less seriously and have a joke. Not ment to insult anyone! You can post pictures and quotes about or relating to juicing that give you a smile.

"Is there anything you wouldnt use?"
"Gamma rays..."

"I told my mum i was taking vitamin C tabs...It was Anadrol"

"Whats not to love about Test, Yeah my balls are tiny but I am a fucking beast!"


What is that an old fashioned glass syringe? Cool photo.


Ever since my first rec. drug injecting days i have wanted a ‘real’ olden style medical syringe. They are fucking excellent.

And i have little need for a ‘funny’ steroid thread, i just grunt and growl these days from the high dose androgens…




Now that one I like. haha.



thats fantastic!




OMG Someone actually has a sense of humor and readers understood the joke.
I hope Bonz doesn’t see this.



hahahaha I think that would be more of a reason to mix if it was true.


Now that’s just gross lol.


Here’s one if it works