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Funny Sports Pics

Here are a few that I got in an e-mail. There are a couple that I cant post due to nudity, but they are funny as hell, if you want a pm let me know i’ll shoot a couple over.

this is a good one






last one


Could you please PM the other pics that you couldn’t post.

Thank you

[quote]Vegita wrote:
last one[/quote]

Verichelli’s looking at them thinking “man what a couple of fags…”

Oh and Veg I’ll take whichever ones you couldn’t post as well…







Now this is a thread that’s long over due…Veg, throw those “other” ones my way too…

me too, thanks.

Oh man, I almost fell out of my chair laughing, good show! That one of sammy is fuckin’ hilarious!

The one of the lifter was amusing and disturbing.

What’s the deal with the guy and the two needles?

Hey Vegita PM me too please.