Funny Songs!!!!

I’ve been talking w/ Jeff Rage a little about this but i wanted to post my fav funny songs for y’alls amusement and happiness. Enjoy!

-Kiss my Irish Ass - about some drunk irish dudes . Cool!

  • Gin n Juice ( Phish’s or the Gourds remix ) - Funny hillbilly/country remix of snoop dogs song
    Cotton Eye Joe - Yup you know it
    -KunG Fu Fightin Remix ( by fatboy slim ) - this one is really cool , its about a disco dude doing kung fu dance moves to pick up babes and stuff. Sweet Song!
    -Star Wars Gangsta Rap- need i say more?
  • Asshole ( Dennis Leary ) - the man i aspire to be
    -Why dont you call me? ( david allen coe ) - great country song

Anyway guys feel free to post your favorite funny songs, life is a bowl of cherries right?

One of my personal favourites:

Carrot juice is murder - The Arrogant Worms

Well, really anything by the worms is top notch but that’s a song about how eating vegitables is murder, funny.


Any song ever recorded by Wesley Willis
“Too High for the Supermarket” by the Uninvited

phish was never involved w/ a Gin & Juice cover - it was The Gourds who you also mentioned.

I just downloaded a song from Triumpg the Inscult Comic Dog, called “I keed.” It’s really funny.

I thought it was Cledus Judd that did the gin and juice remix, it defiantely sounds just like him.

David Allan Coe:

Id like to Fuck the Shit Out of You
My Cellmate Thinks Im Sexy
Learn How to Fuck’em Son

Basically any song from his dirty album is quite funny.

Two other good ones are Drink and Fight by the Mudmen and Barrets Privateers by the Irish Descendants.

Hey, i heard that david allen coe was sent to prison once and then when in , killed an inmate that allegedly tried to force immoral relations on to him. Does anybody else know about this ? hawhaw haw prisoners

Afroman - Because I got high
Aqua - Barbie Girl
anything by The Bloodhound Gang
Rodney Carrington - Dear Penis
Cookie Monster - Cookie (Limp Bizkit Parody)
Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk to Fuck
Dick Delicious And The Tasty Testicles - Diarrhea
Dynamite Hack - Boys in the Hood
Lords of Acid - Pussy
Nine Inch Nails - Closer to Spice (NIN and Spice Girls)

That should keep you busy for a while!

Batman was an asshole to begin with.

I whupped batman’s ass.
I whupped batman’s ass.

The Gin-N-Juice remake is a classic

“we got bitches in the livin room gettin’ it on and they aint’ leavin’ till SIX in the mo’nin”

I saw an animated short of that music video and laughed my ass off.

Tenacious D makes some funny music as well.


The Mario Song

and The Midget Song by Benefit.