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Funny Quote While at the Gym


My Buddy said this.

"Either that is really heavy, or someone is raping a teddy bear."


Similar vein:

Guy's being loud on the leg press. To his credit, it was a good amount of weight. Some older guy asks him, "Are you giving birth over there?"

Ok, so not as funny, but still.




I like how the first 2 posters in this thread are horses.


And let's see what you and a horse have in common shall we? (ahem..."hung like")


Or even better, the one that was posted here a long while ago...

A newbie asks a guy coming out of the hole on heavy squats how he got so strong. He gets the response, "FUCKING DIE!!!"

I wasn't there, and this is still my favorite gym quote.


Bwhahaah, that's awesome.

I had set up my weight for a big squat PR one day, walked away for a second to psych up and left my gym bag by the rack, came back about 30 seconds later to someone starting to pull off plates. I almost killed him. With my EYES.


Shit! I hope the newb didnt take his advice seriously,