Funny Protein Powder

hiya! i recently bought a new vat of GNC Whey Protein, and i have used chocolate in the past, and decided to try strawberry this time. And well… its mixing differently than the chocolate, it gets in these clumps that float which dont go away and when i add water it bubbles up out ‘o’ the cup and stuff. Its really annoying and i was wondering if it might be spoiled protein. Thx for any comments.

PS The strawberry flavor tastes like peptol bismo and ass --yeah, lots of ass

Dude, you made a fatal mistake. Don’t ever buy protein that’s not choco or vanila. Bon appetit.

yeah, I just ordered some vanilla milk powder and, let me tell you, it tastes like chalk and pepto bismal with some vanilla for taste. i’ve got to go chocolate all the way.

I’ve found the best thing to do is buy some Grow! and mix it half and half with your yucky protein. That way you can use up the old stuff without it going to waste. The Grow tastes so good it will overpower the GNC crap. Grow is worth the extra money just for the taste! And I think think the quality it top notch as well where the discount stuff maybe isn’t.