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Funny Power Clean Story


I am currently lifting at my local College in the Football Weight Room (Div 2) my lifting partners brother is a coach so he gets us in. Last night, I got involved in a conversation with some of the players on how I thought some Pro Football players could Power Clean mid to high 400's (most of the team was Power Cleaning that night) they all said that basically if at a combine you can Clean over 300 you are the man, so just in conversation I said that I thought that I could Clean over 300 and I haven't even Cleaned in about 7 years, so they all of course said no way that not even one player on their team could do that, basically talking smack.

So I went over to the platform and after about a 3-5 minute warm up put 315 on and had about the worst form ever (no drop/legs at all) and did it with no problem at all. Pretty much everyone's eyes were huge and I think they all were a little embarrassed. I also rubbed it in a little and let them know that I had on no belt, my shoes (Nike shox) were less than ideal and untied, the previous day was a max-effort box squat day, this was in the middle of a current workout, and I used no legs on purpose because they were sore and I had to Deadlift the next day. I figured some people on here would enjoy this little story.


I enjoy reading your story. But I'm not laughing at the jocks...


some college football player claimed he could power clean like 600 once world record was like 5 something lol

anyway so you basically did a stiff leg deadlift and a reverse curl but with some english

your excuses are gold... reminds me of the time i missed a snatch but pressed it up (elbows bent but i pressed it anyway)...

My friend was like "damn u fucked that up" i told him "no thats how the bulgarians trained it"... 2weeks later i saw him doing it and i had to fess up



I find it odd that you would be laughing at me. I made a statement, was called out on that statement, and then backed it up!



That was a great story. I love stuff like that. 315 is a great Clean.

How much do you weigh?


Thanks Man! Right now I weigh about 205 and climbing, doing a bit of bulking!


I totally agree, that was my whole point, that 300lbs wasn't that great for an athlete at that level.

I lift mostly for bodybuilding and strength. I have a Bodybuilders Physique, but also like to be strong, this week I Box Squatted (below parallel with a pause) 455lbs for 3, Bench Pressed 345lbs for 3, and Deadlifted 545lbs for 2.