funny pics

I saw these while browsing This one is pretty sad, but I still laugh: Same with this one: Let’s discuss, please tell me you do not want to look like these people.

Well, I took a look, browsed through the thumbnails, and I don’t get it. What’s so funny? While I have no hope of looking like some of those guys (short of going broke on steroids), but I’m going to get as close as I can naturally.

I would have nothing against looking like those guys who did not abuse Synthol on that page.

Whats funny? They are bodybuilders…you bodybuild! surprise surprise The only beef I have against “typical bodybuilders” is the tacky clothes some wear.

Doug Hepburn (one of my heroes) said bodybuilders reminded him of a woman getting ready to go somewhere. lol
ahhhhhhhhh its coming after me!!!

sorry, don’t get it. Saw some of the dudes and chicks as having the type of physiques that most of the T-Peoples strive for. So…maybe I’m dense?

I don’t get it.

I think that Branch Warren guy was one of the Dead Poolers this year. But a few of those people look fine to me, aside from the few steroid abusers. I’d like to look like that Bryan Parmley guy, only you wouldn’t catch be in those posing trunks!

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