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Funny Navy Video



I swear some of the most creative minds are in the military right now..too funny


That was awesome! Boredom at its best!


How amazingly creative. Thats the kind of thing you can't find done 1,000 times on you tube. Nope, they are deffinately the first.


It makes me glad to see men and women like that defending my freedom, in all seriousness. Damn I'm proud of those guys.


Very creative video, but only Officers would have that kind of time to do that.



I get it. It's not the only video, just thought it was funny. Why are you so pissy about it?

What are you, one of those anti-war/anti-hip hop kooks?


Was that a pink bathrobe that the guitar player had hanging up behind him....definetly an officer!


This has nothing to do with me or my views. You claimed that the military has some of the most creative minds in the world and linked this video presumably as some form of proof.

I was mearly making a point that this is not at all creative in the least bit.

I don't see how you could possibly determine if i do or do not love war and my musical preference from that? Sounds prejudice to me.


God bless them, that was just awesome.


I "claimed" nothing. My statement was perfunctory. You read too much into things. Just though it was funny.

And I was kidding around with my "kook" statement.


Wow. Rather than sling mud why not just say it was cool, or maybe not comment at all. I understand you were responding to the 'creative' comment, but what's wrong with appreciating some good work by people who're doing a whole lot more for our freedom and wellbeing than you or me?

Just my two cents...anyway, I thought it was fantastic.


F*cking pilots always have free time because of the mandatory crew rest rules. They can only fly a certain amount of hours. Those were all officers, the enlisted guys were down on the hanger deck pulling maintenance on those aircraft.