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Funny names

Ok, this topic is for anyone that would like to mention a funny name that they have heard. Let’s forget about the obvious ones like Ben Dover, Phil McCracken, Mike Hunt and all the ones from the Simpsons. You see, I was watching the news the other night (no kidding) and there was this guy on there named Mustava Koc. Now, I’m not one to make fun of people, but this was more than a little ridiculous and got me thinking…

-Hugh G. Rection
-Wil Hung (a friend of mine worked with this guy)
-Richard Stilhard (real one, too)
-Taryn McGroin
-Claude Balls
-Mike Coxlong
-Craven Morehead
-Hung Koc (in the phone book here)

Richard leak ( get it , Dick )
Danise Head ( she got alot of hell)
Nikki French ( gotta love the porn name)
Ima Black ( ya she was, poor girl)
John workmiester ( I always pull the SNL skit on him )

Dick Long (I worked with him) Just think when they file his name last name first

Ima Hooker

Ok, my dad’s a life insurance sales manager and he gets some of the funniest names

shithead (pronounced with a th sound and a long e like shi-th-eed)

No kidding

One of my old friend’s dad had the name Dick Little, that must have sucked growing up.

The pastor that did my aunt’s funeral was named Harry Ball. It was kind of nice to have something to laugh at during a time like that.

Ann E. Rexik

A computer consultant named Ronald McDonald…no shit! Must be real hard to be taken seriously when you have the name of a red-haired clown. Poor guy.

I know a guy named Dick Best.

Mike Ockitches (My Cock Itches) hehe snicker snicker

haha, I take it you were listening to Rome today as well?

I used to work in a pharmacy as a stock clerk. The pharmacist I worked for was named Jack Hoffman.

It sounds made-up, but it isnt.

What about Mike Hunt?

I met a woman once named Sharon Peters. Guess I should have gotten to know her better…

I had an Italian friend who was looking up funny American names one time and he came across a woman named Felicia Figa - or translated - Happy Cunt. She probably would prefer going through life never knowing that.

There’s a local amature golfer here by the infamous name of John Holmes. Funny thing is, he’s about 19. So I guess he’s popular with the ladies.

I actually went to school with a kid named Peter Handwerker. His grandfather was a professor named Richard Handwerker. No joke.

Then, there is the race car driver named Dick Trickle. No matter where he places, the guys on Sportscenter always report it.

I live in Calgary and in the town of Airdrie just north of us, someone had the name Stu Pidass listed in the phone book. It was pulled last year. I guess the phone company got the joke.

Dick Fitzwell
Antony C Kuntz (film director)
Sharon Head

I work at a supplement store and there is this local radio rep who tries to get us to advertise with his station. The guys name is Rod Long.


no one remembers Dick Assman?

A few of my friends from school:
Harry Hwang aka 50 Cent Hwangster
John Holmes aka Johnny Wad
Connie Tang
Angina something

My dad claims to have known a Rufus Leakin

I prosecuted a guy named Ronald McDonald. Felt kind of bad putting the big clown in jail.

Worked with a guy once named Richard Rausch (pronounced “rash”). I never could figure why he WANTED to be called Dick Rausch.